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Muna on cultural awareness, entrepreneurship and community building

In this episode I discuss with Muna Lobé founder of the award-winning creative firm, Aya Consulting focusing on the arts, which provide organisations and individual clients with strategies and solutions in order to thrive.

She is also an anthropologist, had a career in international development, an avid traveller who lived in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the United States.

We discussed the meaning of arts and creativity throughout her journey, identity and her experience growing up as an Afro-Caribbean with roots in Guadeloupe, Cameroon and Ghana. We also discussed everything related to entrepreneurship, freelancing, starting a project and overall designing a suitable lifestyle. Of course, we discovered her unique and very own consulting firm.

In this episode you’ll found out:

⦁ The importance of pausing and self-evaluation for growth and peace

⦁ How and why she has built a community of artists and creatives throughout her business

⦁ The importance of our surroundings for starting, building and growing a business

⦁ Her lessons learned on entrepreneurship

⦁ Why her travels have been a great source of creative energy enabling her to deepen her journey, live more purposefully

⦁ Her passion connecting creatives and helping them to thrive authentically

⦁ Her journey from international development to creativity and entrepreneurship

⦁ The start, meaning and philosophy of Aya Consulting

⦁ The challenges she encountered starting her firm and how she overcame those

⦁ Why making money fast was never part of her plan starting Aya Consulting yet investing the first few years was crucial

⦁ Why growing your project and thriving takes time and that is ok

⦁ Her life-changing experience living and working abroad in Jamaica

Discover Aya Consulting:

” I believe that you live the life you are supposed to, and that you always get to the place you are supposed to be. There are many ways for you to get there, it’s not always linear but you always end up getting there. ”

“ For me trust is important, trust in yourself and trust in what you do. ”

“ Life for me is pretty much a circle, originally art was at the foreground, then I started new things and I came back to it. It often happens this way you love something, you leave it on the side then naturally come back to it”

Muna Lobé

Muna on cultural awareness, entrepreneurship and community building