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Audrey on being a Child of the Diaspora, Dealing with Prejudice & Building her platform

Djénéba sits down with Audrey Bee, a content creator, youtuber and traveler inspiring Africans to look at their respective countries with a new lens, and encouraging others to enlarge their narratives about her country.

In this episode, you’ll find out about
The importance of her relationship with her country of origin
Her experience travelling back home to her country and making the most of it
Volunteering abroad as a humbling cultural experience
The prejudice Audrey’s faced as a Congolese growing up in Great-Britain
How Audrey’s overcome those challenges and healed
Audrey’s advice for those dealing with prejudice
Getting started, being creative and building a platform
The importance of valuing your work and knowing your worth regardless of your number of followers

Resources mentioned by Audrey
Reading / Listening to success stories
Keeping tracks of your progress