Why waking up early is not crazy at all!


I am used to waking up very early in the morning without any alarm clock, completely naturally, usually between 5 and 7. I got into this habit during a long-term travel in India and I kept to it. This habit did not come overnight it was a process. It was influenced by my surroundings, the people I lived with at the time were waking up early and I slowly began to adopt a similar lifestyle. People are often astonished by this fact and constantly question how this habit can possibly serves me.

Getting into this habit serves me for everything. Getting up early contributes largely to my well-being and gives me time to get back in touch with myself without the continual noise of daytime, without the continual ideals embedded in our society that often is in contradiction with my personal aspiration. My mind is simply clear. It is a peaceful time which helps me to check my actions, my words, my thoughts and more largely my lifestyle.

I am convinced that:

  • Waking up early allows us to be more productive. We have longer days and we have the possibility to do more things. To do more work but also to do more sport, more activities, to dedicate ourselves to those things that are not urgent but that are greatly important on a personal level. It is also ideal to live a more balanced life, to spare some time for small adventures and for trying out new things.
  • Waking up early allows us to give ourselves a break and to be centred on the morningessential. It is a great opportunity to take a few minutes only for yourself, to get back in touch with yourself, to do a small introspection, to be grateful for the simple things you take joy in, to meditate on a virtue you wish to carry with you throughout your day, to write a few words. It’s a moment of silence and calm away from our daily actions. At night, it is also great to have spare time for yourself, I guess taking time for yourself in the morning also allows to improve the quality of your day.
  • Waking up early allows us to better prepare for our days and to be in better shape. It allows us to be less stressed as it prevents us from running everywhere late. I usually use my morning time to run as well and to prepare myself a quick yet yummy breakfast and to take the time to savour it because I love running and eating! This have a great impact for the rest of my day.

In fact, waking up early helps me to live more consciously and more boldly.

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  1. Anisa says:

    I wake up early too, couldn’t sleep in if I wanted too!

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  2. Ah, I loved reading this. I definitely struggle with waking up early. Even setting alarms, my body doesn’t get going until at least 9am. It has been a point of decent frustration for a couple of years now.

    Thanks for the post!


  3. The Traveler Heart says:

    Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    I understand I used to be there. Maybe you could try to wake up 10 minutes earlier for a while. Then when you are geting used to it try another 10 minutes. You can also try to implement a nice morning routine, and think of things you look forward to do in the morning so you actually have more motivation.
    In any case I’m wishing you all the best! Thank you for stopping by.


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