Berlin ist wirklich cool!

Germany has never been a destination I was drawn yet a close friend of mine is currently living in this city and constantly venting me how great and most importantly how cool Berlin is. She encouraged me to come and enjoy her new city. I am definitely two things: curious and adventurous. Plus, when she mentioned that there was a nice Tibetan restaurant the food enthusiast in me had to jump on the plane! I don’t regret it for a second. Berlin has a lot to offer.

I found Berlin to be eclectic, multicultural, lively, carefree, spontaneous. The fact that it is a big city does not take away the proximity between its inhabitants. Berlin has history, of course the fall of the Berlin wall is one of the most famous events in history and it was a springboard for the artistic culture this city is now known for.

Berlin has art and as a fan of street art, I was spoiled. In my eyes, the city felt like a huge street art exhibition. I fell in love with so many pieces all around the city and of course with the East side gallery. This open-air gallery of 1316 meters’ length started after the fall of the wall as artists from around the world were invited to reappropriate the wall in commemoration of freedom.

Berlin has great food; the city offers a wide range of international cuisine. I had great Lebanese, Ghanaian, Japanese, Tibetan, Jamaican, Vietnamese food in just two days. Berlin has music. There are so many musicians in the streets who contribute to its dynamism. I went to the open-air concert of the highly talented Nigerian- German singer Amaka Iyizoba. I also went to a jam session called Swag Jam. The first part was performed by the band The Swag performed who happened to be hip-hop genius!

Needless to say, that my 2-day getaway trip to Berlin was refreshing. I went to an African market and festival called Kenako. I went to some cool alternative places to chill like the Yaam. I chilled in Victoriapark and visited different neighbourhoods which all have a distinct personality.


My trip to Berlin was more than just a fun adventure. It was a wake-up call. After graduation, the confusion is real. Finally, being graduated made me realised more than ever that it is true what they say, “It Is Good to Have an End to Journey Toward, But It Is the Journey That Matter in the End”. From that point, I’ve decided I will make it a priority to make the best out of my opportunities and out of my journey. This trip made me realise that getaways and more generally having new experiences and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone on a regular basis is essential for growth, balance, and happiness.

© All pictures my own

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