How to become more productive ?

Everyone knows of some truly skilful individuals with bright minds and great ideas but who do not manage to do a lot concretely, not because of a lack of potential or talent but because they don’t master time-management skills. I guess also because they can not find in them the strength and motivation necessary to go out of their comfort zone.

You need to be conscious about the energy you get and I am convinced that time-management skills starts within.

It is so important to acquire time management skills because it is so important to develop the different parts of your personality. I am convinced that to be truly accomplished you need to respect and give space to things that bring you well-being, joy and that are in accordance with your vision.

It is very good to go to school or/and to go to work daily. But how great that is when you actually give space to experience other things that truly excites you.

Doing different activities, developing your projects, joining an association, writing a book, songwriting, doing photography, whatever it is. It is essential to ask yourself: what is your side hustle, your side hobbies. What are you willing to do lovingly on the side? What are the other things that excite your soul?

Tips and tricks to manage to get things done

Those are purely based on my experience because for some years I had to and also enjoyed doing multiple things at the same time.

Morning Meditation: It may come as a surprise but it is so important first thing in the morning to reaffirm your intention, your objectives for the day. Time-management starts inside with a clear mind, a sense of determination and purpose which need to be cultivated daily.

Goal setting: Take time to understand what are your goals and your ideal routine and why.

Putting things on paper: Writing things down helps order, shape, deepen and make ideas concrete.

Identify long term and short term goals: First start with a long-term picture then write down the small step necessary to contribute to this vision.

Make lists: Make lists regularly to help you accomplish your short-term goals but make sure to leave room for the unexpected. Indeed, things don’t always go as planned but by being conscious of your objectives, they will advance in your direction.


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