Conversation with Mariagoreth Charles

Poetess, Media and communication specialist, Activist, Farmer, Self-love practitioner

I am very excited to start a new series on the blog called “Conversation with” which will consist of interview of inspirational women making self-growth and the realization of their calling a priority in a unique way and who inspire others to embrace self love and personal growth.

I met Mariagoreth during a training for  human rights activists taking place in Geneva with participants from all over the world. Her confidence, her history, her bright mind as well as her peaceful attitude instantly inspired me in so many ways.

img-20161128-wa00011Mariagoreth is a Tanzanian media and communication specialist working for a non-profit
organization, a farmer, a poetess and so much more. I really like the fact that she gives space to herself, to develop the different parts of her personality.

Mariagoreth has been to India and Finland and has travelled to Norway, Finland, Estonia, South Africa, Kenya and Geneva and this is where Sebenni ni Taama comes in.

So here I am launching this new series with Mariagoreth, sharing part of her inspiring journey with us. Be sure to follow her on Twitter (Mcgoreth) and Instagram (Mariagoreth_charles).

  • Sebenni ni Taama means writing and travelling. What does writing and travelling mean to you?

I have written few poems about places I have been to. To me writing and travelling is the process of falling in love with everything, everyone, every culture, and beauty in its diversity by freezing memories. It is also the process of walking others to where you have been through a number of words.

  • What are your self- love practices?

Self-love practices! At first this word got me thinking I have no self-love. I wondered for more than a week, basically trying to figure out what self-love could be. I condemned myself for never going to the gym, not working out, not sticking to my yoga routine, not eating on time, loving sauna, swimming and massage and hardly having none.  At first, I believed I have self-love but my actions made me believe otherwise.

With time I realized, I have a mantra it can fuel up my brawns and brain and make me say and believe I can, “I come as one, but I stand as ten thousands”. I use it all the time as an energizer, I have another mantra, It is Nelson Mandela’s favorite poem, Invictus which ends with a line “ I am the captain of my ship, the master of my destiny”.

I love and forgive as ABC. This is the very basic step and a re-curing step in my self-love practice.

I admire everything worth admiring from my almond shaped eyes, my friends hair, my colleagues success to the little kids running on the streets and as a result I fall in love with everything about life and this is self-love.  

  • What do you concretely recommend for others to cultivate wellness?

I strongly recommend Love; I not only refer to self-love but love in its generosity. You cannot cultivate wellness if you have no love. And this includes love of what you do. Moreover, I recommend discipline. None will ever achieve even a little thing of them all without being visionary and having discipline.

  • How do you daily create space for growth and peace?
Picture of Mariagoreth’s exhibition “The museum of recycled Jeans” by Dominiki Godfrey: It depicts a blind african lady. The meaning behind is that you can be impaired yet beautiful, elegant and most importantly visionary.

For my growth and peace. Every single day I ensure that I have read or watch something powerful to boost up my knowledge.

There is this book by Robin Sharma called The Monk who sold his Ferrari. Trust me every single paragraph was worth reading and I can say it had a Magic bullet effect.  Everyone that has read this book would agree with me that they gained knowledge on how to love oneself, have inner peace and leave a healthy life. This book is one of the many that have groomed me to who I am.

Think Big by Ben Carson also changed my life, as a teenager back in 2003 I had no vision; I was a failure to the extent that my school headmaster gave me a three months academic probation. That was my first and last time to hear about academic probation. In those three months I read Think Big and my life transformed.

On the other hand, to be peaceful is to achieve something. On a daily basis, I do something little that will move me an inch towards my goal, just like a pawn.

I find growth and serene through travelling. And through reading I grow, I gain peace of mind and I travel too.  Chimamanda Ngozi has taken me to several parts of Nigeria through her Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sun, Tell me about Nawal El Saadawi and my Imaginary trip to Egypt while reading Woman at Point Zero, or ask me about England, South Africa and India back then during Ghandiji times as I read it in My experiments with the truth.

  1. What motivates you to get up and do the things you do?

My family, friends and those that belive in me, the future and myself. Everything that I do,
I do it because I have my family they have always given sans-titre-3me energy. I am afraid to risk my wellbeing and my future because of them. I get up every morning pursue life because of my friends, they are the family we choose, and because of the future too for I know not what it holds but have a vision on how I want it to be.

Most importantly, I do it all for myself. I have this one life, to make a change. No second chances and that gives me thrills, each day I remind myself of my life goals and ask God to keep me healthy and not to press the pause button until I have achieved that ultimate goal.

– Which advice do you have for women trying to reach higher goals and struggling on their journey?

Identify your setbacks these could be anything from culture, GBV, lustrous men, other people who look down on you and think you are not a better version of a woman, your behavior, or anything. IDENTIFY it and strategize on the positive way possible on how you are going to overcome the challenge in order to achieve your ultimate goal. Work for the cause, have discipline and focus on your goal and with time…. The bumpy road will be smooth.

Do not listen to those that think you can’t. Mind you, some might only have a sight but you have a vision so do not allow them to take you down to their level.

Many people will come and tell you words to encourage you and words that will make you feel that you CAN. But if you do not stand on your ground and do what you ought to do in a manner that you should. All the energy poured unto you will go with the wind.

© Pictures Mariagoreth Charles

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know Goreth n I believe what she says. She is an inspiration.


    1. She most definitely is! Its beyond the word she speaks, it’s about her philosophy and the way she lives. Thank you for stopping by!


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