What does Sebenni Ni Taama mean?

312c4515169c802c40ec992495033fd6Sebenni Ni Taama, the name of my blog literally means writing and travelling in Bambara/Malinké a language which is spoken across West Africa, where I am from. I absolutely love the sound of it. But there is more to the story.

Sebenni Ni Taama refers to writing and travelling not only as activities or hobbies but as tools, as journeys. Let me explain.

Sebenni, writing, is therapeutic and resourceful. Throughout writing, we distance ourselves from the situation we are currently living and more easily find solutions and comfort.

Sebenni is a personal time, a me-time. It allows us to pause from our daily life. It releases tensions and stress. I absolutely love writing in nature, outside far from most distractions.

Yet, sebenni, is not merely a physical activity, it is also a mental activity, it is about taking things in hand, consciously deciding the life you want, and shape it accordingly on paper and in reality.

Taama, travelling, is also therapeutic when feeling stuck or in needs of changing my energy I always go away from home for a short time. As stated in many of my posts, every time I travel I discover something I would have never discovered home. Because travelling, it physically and mentally distances you from a situation and naturally releases any strong emotions you might have.

Sebenni2Taama refers to all forms of travel, including a spiritual travel. Travelling does not only mean moving from a physical place to another. It can also mean moving from a mental state to another, shifting your mind and your attitude.

Sebenni Ni Taama aims to promote, writing and travelling, in all their meanings as tools for a greater well-being, a greater self-love, a greater self-esteem.

Sebenni Ni Taama represents everything I know about and I believe in. Things I hope may encourage, motivate, inspire some people on a personal journey. It is above all a platform which aims to inspire people to truly be themselves, to boldly shape their lives, to constantly challenge themselves. Simply put, Sebenni ni Taama is about authenticity, authenticity with the self.

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With care,


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