What do you do when you are not feeling like anything but want to feel like something?

Recently a friend of mine asked me this question:

“But, Djénéba, what do you do those days when you are not feeling like anything but want to feeling like something?”

I paused for a few second as even if I have a million ideas on how to answer that question, at this exact moment I struggled embracing uncertainty and insecurity. I quite frankly did not feel like doing anything or seeing anyone myself. At this moment, I was trying to uplift myself, to tell her those words that would in turn elevate me.

d747ccf0e6d827c4222dc35cd27df071” – I guess If I am not feeling like anything, I am not feeling like anything fully. I admit it, I accept it and I feel it. There is nothing wrong with not feeling like anything. You cannot feel like something all the time, right? If I need it cry it out or write it out, to understand the situation and how I could move from it. I do so. You can’t be motivated and strong all the time and with time, it will of course get better. It always get better. Obviously, we both know it is not a comfortable situation but this discomfort always means something.

– What do you mean?

– It often means something needs to change, to evolve whether a circumstance or your set of mind. Sometimes, we can’t understand everything right away but we can still make a move forward.

– I get it but here you are talking about the right mindset to adopt. What do you do and what could I concretely do except writing, and reflect on the situation to try and put me in a better place mentally?


  • I pause
  • I reach out to myself
  • I rest while listening to music
  • I sleep
  • I put on a guided mindfulness meditation I found on YouTube.
  • I read
  • I drink tea
  • I take a hot shower or a bath
  • I breath.
  • I watch funny and silly YouTube videos
  • I watch a comedy
  • I call or reach out to people.
  • I read blog content and relate to other people experiences
  • I go on a solo excursion
  • I go outside breath and walk
  • I blog and edit pictures – You can also draw or be creative otherwise
  • I go to my favourite café
  • I listen to music
  • I listen to inspirational TED talks
  • I talk to my niece
  • I listen to music and dance
  • I hug my grand-mother
  • I buy myself a new book because I love reading, you love reading magazine, treat yourself to one
  • I internally repeat to myself that things will turn out great
  • I visit my auntie
  • I go to the cinema
  • I visualise this great situation
  • Because I love huge breakfast I treat myself to a nice breakfast

Dear, I guess all of this above allow me to slowly unstuck, remember me that most circumstances are transient and are a matter of perspective.”

With care,



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