Valencia & Looking beyond the most famous places

DSCF3129[1]Spain is a country that always amazes me. Madrid and Barcelona are great places but the country as way more to offer. Andalucia, Murcia, Galicia and recently I have just discovered another part of this country: Valencia! It is the third largest city in the country and it holds many different faces.

It is valuable to look beyond the most famous places, to try and look for a larger picture of a country and to explore the outskirts of a city. Those are often precious and mind-blowing places. 

It feels like the city is situated on two floors with a huge, beautiful park on the ground floor and a dynamic urban life on the first floor. The park, jardines del Turia, was initially a river before the big flood of Valencia in 1957. It was inaugurated in 1986 and it offers a huge variety of activities.


It has a futuristic impressive neighbourhood called the city of arts and sciences, a lively cosmopolitan charming historic city centre as well as extraordinary natural parks on the outskirts. The natural parks surrounding the city: Albufera or Sot de Chera are great breath-taking places of ecological interest and with a rich variety of wildlife.



Moreover, it also has distinctive neighbourhoods such as Campanar which has retained an Arabic heritage, beautiful beaches, cultural centres such as United Minds and many festivals throughout the year which offer a unique atmosphere and a great way ¡to emerge in the culture of the city.


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All pictures my own




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