Keep calm and find the position you deserve!

Many people just finished university and are looking for an internship, a job, or a new job. Generally, almost everyone goes through that job-hunting stage at some point, here are some ideas if it is what you are currently living or what you will be living soon to keep you uplifted, motivated and above all excited about the great opportunities and learning experience to come.

Things you may be tempted to tell yourself at some point

“The 40 rules of love” Elif Shafak

It is getting long, am I ever going to find something? God,  I am doing everything right, why can’t I find something? I am being consistent, why can’t I find something? Is there something wrong with me? Man, what the heck is happening?

All of those are wrong! Those feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem,  self-pity and self-blame have to stop. Looking for a good position, a position that resonates with you takes time sometimes. Try and build your patience muscle.

There is no need to doubt your entire being, jeopardise your mental health, become completely vulnerable in this process. We do not have all information maybe you are not losing anything while being rejected, accept that uncertainty, live mindfully with drive and completely trust the end process.

The mindset you should have

smileGratitude! To increase anything in your life, you need to be grateful for what you already have.  Look for things to be grateful in all situations. It does help,  I guess the more gratitude you have the more you will have to be grateful for.

Live in the present and enjoy yourself, it does not have to be painful, never put your life on hold for a future you know nothing about. There is always so much to learn about, so much to discover. Look for those things. Keep moving,  understand that your work does not define you, be confident and again trust your journey.

Some tips that can help you along the journey

  • Get out the house and reach out to people daily.
  •  Understand that rejection is not personal at all.
  • Establish a routine: Schedule your job hunt
  • Do activities to rejuvenate: sport, reading positive content, do any activity you like on a daily basis.
  • Stay engaged: make the connections that will lead to your next job.
  • Use that time wisely to experiment: grow your skills and discover new things, deepen your talents.
  • Take advantage of this time to build yourself up as a person.
  • Visualise your future self and be grateful for the great outcome.
  • Be consistent yet detached with the applications send.
  • Find a hobby you love to do on a weekly basis

Remember to always take care of yourself, be kind to yourself whatever stages you are finding yourself in your life. Remember that you always get to design your here and now.

With care,


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