Inspiring video series to watch!

images.jpegWhat I love the most about videp series is the fact that you have the power to choose the content you want to watch.

I love the fact that:

  • YouTube is filled with uplifting content from creatives and artists
  • I can watch or listen to these videos wherever I am

I can simply easily be surrounded by positive energy, positive vibes in all circumstances and this is fundamental. I always try to fill my place and all of my things with impactful reminders: a word, a picture, a quote.

Being surrounded by such energies contribute to enriching your mind, giving you ideas to deepen your journey bringing out your gifts and potential. I have no doubt that our environment the things we hear, see, say to ourselves are powerful. They can keep us motivated, uplifted and confident.

So why not mould an environment that is contributing to your personal growth? Watching or listening to inspirational videos’ series greatly contribute to helping you create that environment.

So here I am sharing some video’s series to listen to or watch and to keep your outlook healthy. Check them out!


Joss Stone’s World Tour – Simply choose the continent and country to travel to.

For joy and cultural discovery.


Andrea Lewis Self-Love series

For short, entertaining, relatable reminders.


Suli Breaks’ Dormroom series

For creative inspiration.

 Thought-provoking content

Cecile Emeke’s flaner series

For a powerful social documentary series.

 Mindfulness Meditation

Guided meditation’s channel

For mind calming.

Keep your mindset healthy! Surround yourself daily with impactful content to keep being positive, to keep learning.

With care,


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