Lisboa PhotoJournal, The Must See/Do and Reflections on Languages



The place

I think you heard about it, you read about it, and I can only confirm it, Lisbon, this multicultural, vibrant and versatile city is indeed beyond amazing. I can only encourage anyone looking for a new adventure to travel there, to discover a bit more of its history, its culture, its art and its magnificent places. But what strikes me most about Lisbon, what made Lisbon such a good experience was the people, the people have generally been so patient, kind, open-minded and made me feel comfortable and welcomed.



The features that you can not miss :

  • The mesmerizing old town, a maze of stairs and alleys: Alfama and its surroundings
  • Alcantara – Belem and the docks
  • The UNESCO world heritage site Sintra
  • The beaches of the former fishing village Cascais
  • The dynamic nightlife in Bairro Alto and Chiado
  • Estrella  and Jardim da Estrella


The experience you can not miss:

  • Take part in one of the many festivals and concerts throughout the city
  • Try out the different natural juices
  • Chill at the sea sides, at the many many parks
  • Explore some of the many museums
  • The city is like open street art museum, explore that too!


From studying Portuguese to re-learning my native African language

Cabo da Roca

While learning Portuguese I realize that before starting any other language learning journey I should stop pushing back my desire to perfect my knowledge in my native language. How can I make the most of learning from other communities if I do not fully comprehend my own?  I believe in the importance of starting where you are, of getting to know yourself first, of uplifting your own people first.

Therefore, the best way to grow as an individual, and broaden my horizon is not to learn Portuguese but  to improve my language skills in my language first. When you grew up or spend most of your life in Western countries you are likely to be more familiar with Western set of values and mentality than any others. So learning an African or Oriental language is often time mind opening.

Trips are always mind-changing experiences to me especially when I do it by myself. The saying you don’t take trips but trips take you always make so much sense. This trip was no exception in easing my mind personally, opening up my mind with the many encounters I made and in redirecting me in my right direction.


With care,


© All pictures my own.

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