The Power of Thoughts: 5 tips to unlock your potential

To what extent are thoughts powerful for our wellness?

Thoughts are where it all starts. They have the power to elevate us, motivate us or destroy us. For instance, we may be dealing with a hard reality but going with the flow rather than resisting makes a huge difference in how we feel and how we perceive our challenges. It is only when we let go that we become creative and can think of solutions.

Therefore, it isn’t always what’s happening in our lives that causes us to feel stressed, anxious or low but what we’re telling ourselves about what’s happening,

Self-sabotaging, Overthinking situations, Fear of failure.

All of those may be initially caused by external factors but we are in control of part of the solution which is to shift our state of mind.  It is essential to develop a higher state of consciousness in regards to what we are living and see in every situation opportunity for growth and change.

How to unlock your potential? – 5 tips

There are ways to trick our mind into believing what we wish it would, to reprogram the subconscious mind and ultimately change our thoughts for the best. I have come up with those 5 tips to practice regularly for a mental boost. They make us feel instantly better and have a great long-term impact.  All of them already tremendously helped me on my journey.

  1. Affirmations

e7ce56c6efee26d53fc9473ccec0f56fAffirmations are a great way to control our thoughts. They are statements, we repeat ourselves on a regular basis. They can serve as inspiration or reminders.

The Exercise: Write down about ten lines about yourself, starting with “I” underlining your progress, your strengths and your hopes. Read them every morning or evening. Pause and meditate on your words.

An Example: “I am Proud, Proud of the person I am becoming, I love myself so much…. My-Self-Love is revealing in every area of my life. I love myself to the point that I only want the best for myself. I reclaim the best of attitude, the best of people. I love myself to the point that I don’t fear my future, to the extent that I can visualize my future successes, to the point that My-Self-Reflection is a source of acceptance ”

  1. Internal dialogue or mantras

This works the same way same as affirmations but they are smaller and are meant to be repeated more often.

The Exercise: Write two powerful sentences and repeat them throughout the day.

An Example: “I am grateful for what I am living and the great things that are yet to come.”

  1. Beware of your internal negative dialogue

152c8afa4a6762f16f53fab37f51c8ecDecide to shift the negative dialogue you keep on telling yourself and break free.

The Exercise: Try and block any negative thoughts or speech concerning yourself and what’s happening in your life. You can also balance a negative statement, put it in perspective and process it in a more inspiring light.

An Example: For instance when dealing with an annoying situation, you can choose and remember it as something temporary.

  1. Create goals notes and infuse your personal belongings with positive reminders

Those are two exercises but the idea is the same. It comes down to self-confidence, it strengthens your trust in yourself and in your ability to achieve what you believe in.

The Exercise: For the first exercise, take a note pad and write two of your biggest current goals. Put them in a strategic place at home where you will be able to see them daily.  Read them, meditate on them and visualize them every day.

For the second one, fill the things you see on the daily with powerful messages or art.: your laptop, your phone cover, your office, your room.

  1. Mindfulness

For overthinkers, mindfulness can be a lifesaver. Learning to control your attention can enhance an inner sense of calm, It can help you to know your thoughts and react more calmly to them.

The Exercise: Find a mindfulness session you like on youtube, or an online program. You can also meditate by yourself on certain values or habit or in a yoga centre.

To increase your confidence and unlock your potential it takes time, it is a process. It demands to be constantly mindful of your internal dialogue, about the energy you are getting.  Try some of them for a week, explore those ideas and observe how it works for you.


With care,


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