How to: Go with the flow! #WritingforGrowth

Sebenni2Have you been a bit too self-pity lately? Why don’t you try and go with the flow?

Going with the flow is about adjusting to our circumstances. It does not mean letting life live through us, but rather living mindfully, letting go of the circumstances and the people we do not have control over.

Adopting a different angle being creative in the way we deal with our situations, being able to be far-sighted enough to make the most of our here and now is what we mean by going with the flow. When we let go of something, we calm down, things start to fall into place, we become able to discover solutions.

Our mind has been programmed to focus on what we are unsatisfied about. Yet, the last thing we want is pushing away our joy for some other time. Therefore, it is part of our work to create a reality which is in accordance with ourselves. Writing can help us do the work.

Get started, Write!

  • Describe/List your predicaments – What is exactly bothering you and why? – Be Conscious.
  • List the times you wanted to be where you are – Was there a time you wanted to be where you are or have what you currently have? – Be Grateful.
  • List the solutions and the worst-case scenario – Be Resourceful.

With care,


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  1. Asta says:

    Yes! I especially love the resourcefulness, because I do believe that when we complain, we take our power of changing a situation! Thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

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