Hi! Good to see you!

I’m Djénéba Diallo and  I’m an optimist, a lover of morning time, poetry, spontaneous getaways and an unapologetic weirdo with a crazy laugh!

Born a dreamer in Bamako, I moved to France as a child then subsequently lived and explored different countries to finally find myself in Geneva working for non-governmental organizations, giving myself space to breath easy and create consciously.

Welcome to Sebenni (Ni) Taama a lifestyle, travel and personal development blog! I fill these pages with inspiring interviews, unique life stories from contributors as well as everything and anything that touches me.

With the name Sebenni (Ni) Taama (Writing and Traveling in Bambara) I want to emphasize the importance of writing, of journaling and of  going on ventures. Those are my tools which have a remarkable and powerful effect on my mind and stress level. I am convinced they can help anybody on a personal development journey.

This is a platform which intends to share ideas. It is a journey of growth and learning. It intends to encourage others to live boldly and step out of their comfort zone. I hope you will join me on this amazing journey, feel free to contact me and leave your comments and feedback!


ps: If you want to share how writing or travelling affect your life, or a lesson learned, tips, a story which will be of great use to someone who is on a personal development journey. Please drop an email at sebennitaama@gmail.com

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