Hi! Good to see you!

I’m Djénéba Diallo and  I’m an optimist, a lover of morning time, poetry, spontaneous getaways and an unapologetic weirdo with a crazy laugh!

Born a dreamer in Bamako, I moved to France as a child then subsequently lived and explored different countries to finally find myself in Geneva working for non-governmental organizations, giving myself space to breath easy and create consciously.

Sebenni (Ni) Taama (meaning Writing and Traveling) is an interactive though-provoking platform. It intends to share ideas and encourage others to live boldly and step out of their comfort zone.

– The blog is filled with inspiring interviews, unique life stories from contributors and impactful content.

– The podcast is your go-to conversation on all things wellness and personal development. We also touch on literature, art, activism and travelling as tools to elevate our mind.

I hope you will join me on this amazing journey!


ps: If you want to share how writing or travelling affect your life, or a lesson learned, tips, a story which will be of great use to someone who is on a personal development journey. Please drop an email at sebennitaama@gmail.com

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