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Cultivating Self-Care 

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Vision & Mission

Sebenni Ni Taama is a collection of interactive journals, plain journals, pencil cases, laptop cases, tote bags inspired or made with African Wax Prints.  Every item of the collection is designed to trigger personal development and critical thinking.

What we offer

Each item is made to enhance self-reflection.

The journal Live Out Loud

“Live Out Loud – Writing for Self-Improvement” is an interactive journal designed to inspire readers to make the most out of their daily life, to embark on a personal development, self-care and self-love journey. It encourages readers to live boldly and to constantly build themselves personally. It will help you discover how joyful and powerful you already are.

The journal gives ideas on what to reflect and write about. It features list prompts, impactful questions, inspiring quotes, practical tables, thought-provoking exercises, positive affirmations to help you take actions to improve yourself. The dynamic and colourful illustrations also encourage and stimulate the writing process.

The plain journals and the inspiring accessories

We believe in writing, documenting and journaling. The plain journals and the accessories are designed to help us do the work, to help us nurture self-expression. Each article will include a powerful message.

Why using African Wax?

African Wax is a cotton textile worn throughout the continent. Its aesthetics, its dynamism, its beauty, its liveliness, its colourfulness and radiation explain why we use African Wax. By using the wax Sebenni Ni Taama also aims at promoting African aesthetics.

Why writing works?

According to experts, scientists, researchers as well as my own personal experience writing is therapeutic. Writing is a safe way to fully express yourself, it is an opportunity to clear out your mind. It has the power of lessening stress, worry,  anxiety and of improving relationships. When dealing with challenges, writing can help understanding the roots of the issue and visualising the solutions.

The collection will launch in 2018 so come back for more information, spread the word and get ready for something exciting is about to start!