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Sebenni ni Taama ( meaning Writing and Travelling) is your inspiring go-to conversation on all things wellness and personal development. We also touch on literature, art, culture, activism and travelling as tools to elevate our mind.

Hosted by Sebenni Ni Taama blogger and founder Djénéba those genuine and intimate conversations strive to inspire every one of us to reach higher levels in our life.

This uplifting and informative show features a refreshing line-up of guests, who share their journey to greatness as well as practical tips and learned.

You can expect :
• Practical tips and strategies
• Thought-Provoking and intimate conversations with some very special guests
• And a lot of surprises!

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First Episode: Asta on Identity, Confidence and Lifting others

Djénéba sits down with Asta, a free-lance creative, to discuss her past identity struggles being a Muslim living in Europe followed by her journey to self-acceptance. Her passion for bringing in others their confidence and pushing them to deepen their goals and of course self-care.

In this episode, you’ll find out about:
• Asta’s identity challenges being a Muslim in Europe as a teen
• How Asta’s overcome those challenges and became a strong-minded individual
• Asta’s advice for overcoming any identity challenges – religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality –
• Asta’s suggestions for becoming genuinely and confidently yourself
• How Asta learned to heal herself
• Starting where we are in terms of wellness
• Self-care and wellbeing is accessible to anyone, right now
• How Asta’s vision to empower others is a strong basis in regards to her confidence/peacefulness
• The importance of supporting each other to go even further
• Her concrete recommendations for those doubting their ideas and dreams

Resources mentioned by Asta:
• Application for getting started with meditation: Headspace app
• Book for self-confidence: Start With Why by Simon Sinek