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Hey! Welcome to Sebenni Ni Taama Podcast!

Sebenni ni Taama ( meaning Writing and Travelling) is your inspiring go-to conversation on all things wellness and personal development. We also touch on literature, art, culture, activism and travelling as tools to elevate our mind.

Hosted by Sebenni Ni Taama blogger and founder Djénéba Diallo those genuine and intimate conversations strive to inspire every one of us to reach higher levels in our life.

This uplifting and informative show features a refreshing line-up of guests, who share their journey to greatness as well as practical tips and learned.

You can expect :
• Practical tips and strategies
• Thought-Provoking and intimate conversations with some very special guests
• And a lot of surprises!

Stay tuned!


First Episode: Asta on Identity, Confidence and Lifting others

Djénéba sits down with Asta, a free-lance creative, to discuss her past identity struggles being a Muslim living in Europe followed by her journey to self-acceptance. Her passion for bringing in others their confidence and pushing them to deepen their goals and of course self-care.

In this episode, you’ll find out about:
• Asta’s identity challenges being a Muslim in Europe as a teen
• How Asta’s overcome those challenges and became a strong-minded individual
• Asta’s advice for overcoming any identity challenges – religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality –
• Asta’s suggestions for becoming genuinely and confidently yourself
• How Asta learned to heal herself
• Starting where we are in terms of wellness
• Self-care and wellbeing is accessible to anyone, right now
• How Asta’s vision to empower others is a strong basis in regards to her confidence/peacefulness
• The importance of supporting each other to go even further
• Her concrete recommendations for those doubting their ideas and dreams

Resources mentioned by Asta:
• Application for getting started with meditation: Headspace app
• Book for self-confidence: Start With Why by Simon Sinek


Second Episode:  Mariagoreth on Career, Purpose & Analysing Our Fears

Djénéba sits down with, Tanzanian media and communications specialist, Mariagoreth, for a career conversation. They discussed her career choice, choosing a career her challenges with employment, creating her own business and her search for her purpose beyond her career path.

She shared valuable advice career-wise such as how to get started in the career path that is right for you, setting up a business and she also offered valuable tips and practical tools for staying motivated along that road wherever we are finding ourselves.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How Mariagoreth got started in her field
  • Her concrete recommendations for those wondering about their career choice and purpose
  • The difference between a career and a purpose
    How Mariagoreth overcame her employment challenges
    The importance of listening to our fears and analyzing them on the road to success
  • How obstacles always assist us to reach our goals
  • The importance of learning from and working with people we admire
  • Setting-up concrete goals and keeping tracks of them
  • Practical tips for job hunting
  • Recommendations when working for yourself
  • The necessity of constantly building experience and staying active

Resources mentioned by Mariagoreth

  • Listening to talks by people you find inspirational
  • Books for motivation: The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • 100 ways to motivate others – Steve Chandler
  • The impossible is possible -John Mason


Third Episode: Audrey on her travels to her Country of Origin, Dealing with Prejudice & Building her Platform

Djénéba sits down with Audrey , a content creator, youtuber and traveller inspiring Africans to look at their respective countries with a new lens, and encouraging others to enlarge their narratives about her country.

As the discussion goes on, they discussed Audrey’s connection with her country of origin, the prejudice she faced being an African growing up in Great Britain followed by her healing process. The place of social media in her life, building her platform of course self-confidence. Stay tuned!

In this episode, you’ll find out about:

  • The importance of her relationship with her country of origin
  • Her experience travelling back home to her country and making the most of it
  • Volunteering abroad as a humbling cultural experience
  • The prejudice Audrey’s faced as a Congolese growing up in Great-Britain
  • How Audrey’s overcome those challenges and healed
  • Audrey’s advice for those dealing with prejudice
  • Getting started, being creative and building a platform
  • The importance of being passionate about what you do
  • Turning our passion into something bigger
  • The importance of valuing your work and knowing your worth regardless of your number of followers
  • Being happy on social media and outside social media and putting our inner peace and mental health first
  • Her concrete recommendations for those struggling with comparisons
  • Turning comparison into inspiration and building connections
  • Ideas and recommendations to enhance our self-confidence

Resources mentioned by Audrey:

  • Reading / Listening to success stories
  • Keeping tracks of how far we have come and how much we have achieved



Fourth Episode: Tanya on Social Justice, Being truthful and Self-care as an activist

In this episode, I sit down with multifaceted artist and social justice activist Tanya. As the discussion goes on, we discussed her involvement against racism and sexism, how it deeply connects with her spirituality, how reading and studying hard enabled her to deepen her level of consciousness and consequently protected her integrity.

Tanya’s spiritual journey, her advice to deal with microaggressions, the tools she used to stay grounded and take care of herself, what activism is really about to her and so much more. Stay tuned!

In this episode, you’ll find out about:
• The history of her involvement against Racism / Sexism
• Why being conscious of your heritage can be a form of empowerment
• The impact of racism on our mental health and tools to deal with that
• Ideas to deal with micro-attacks
• Reading and studying as activism
• The importance of deconstructing the status quo
• The connection between social justice and spirituality in Tanya’s journey
• Why fighting against Racism and Sexism is about reclaiming her humanity and preserving her innocence
• How to better care for yourself when acquiring knowledge and being confronted to systematic violence
• Th importance of assessing a person’s psychology and your own sensitivity when dealing with micro attacks
• The importance of always being authentic and truthful with yourself
• The importance of taking time to disconnect and to go inward
• Why being an activist start within ourselves first and foremost
• Why putting boundaries is important

Resources mentioned by Tanya:
• The Book: All About Love by bell hooks