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Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama, means writing and travelling in Bambara.

It is a digital platform and a community with a mission to promote personal and social development for young women through storytelling. Our mission is to help the new generation flourish and reach their full potential through providing relevant tools: interviews, pedagogical resources, multimedia content, and events.

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The Blog

Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama's Blog

Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama is a blog that embodies and promotes sisterhood, continuing self-awareness, self-knowledge and education through storytelling. We create and curate content that helps millennial women flourish inside and out.

The Events

Don’t miss out on Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama events

Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama events are intimate moments prompt to sharing taking place in Geneva. The events aim to promote the transfer of knowledge and education, the participants’ personal development and wellness, and to explore societal questions and their impact in our lives, in a cozy atmosphere.

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