About Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama

Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama, means writing and travelling in Bambara

It is a digital platform and a community  with a mission to promote personal and social development for young women through storytelling. Our mission is to help the new generation flourish and reach their full potential through providing relevant tools: articles, interviews, multimedia content, publications.

We believe that sharing our stories matter. It promotes self-awareness and self-knowledge. What’s more, personal intimate stories enable to inspire each other to take the necessary steps to thrive in our own lives. Telling our stories, hearing our voices, creating communities is a necessity in order to eventually create inclusivity.

Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama was created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind. We learn, share and raise awareness on a number of topics with one another.

In 2020, Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama  became part of  HER Story, non profit organization which has the same vision in mind. The organization put into place tailored educational training programmes such as a mentoring programme for professional growth and a self-care programme for personal growth.


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