25 things I have no doubt about: Lessons learned

I just turned 25 and I am more than excited about this new age, this new stage of my life. I have never been so comfortable in my own skin, ageing has been quite comforting so far.

Birthdays are a great opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. So, I have been in a reflective mode and here are some of the 25 things I have been thinking about lately, those are things that resonate with me and that are rooted in my personal experience. Those are lessons learned, a list to go back to whenever needed, a reminder, a kind of personal statement.

I encourage anyone to try and start such a list when reaching a milestone because it is essential to be mindful and receptive to the lessons on your way, to apply them and to master them.

Don’t do anything that does not add to your life. Decisions rooted in fear, expectations and social pressure bring nothing but discomfort.  I have learnt how important that it is to please yourself first and to let go of anything that does not serve you.

Struggles = wisdom. I learnt that every struggle is a sign that an internal change is needed, a personal work is needed therefore with every struggle comes wisdom.

Creativity is mental renewal. Diving into my creative self and having the courage to spare time for my creative projects was one of the most fulfilling experience so far. I have learnt that being creative is an essential part of who I am and I am beyond excited to continue to explore my creative side.

Meditation, mindfulness, breathing consciously. I have incorporated those practices into my daily life. They have helped me greatly to understand the importance of being present, improved my quality of life and lifted my mind.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” E. Tolle

The Power of visualisation. This year, I started writing my two biggest priorities in a strategic place at home, to see my top priorities daily. Every day I read and concentrate on what I ultimately want and it has been extremely powerful.

Surrendering. Some things are simply out of my reach spiritually. I have learnt that my life self careis not completely in my hands. I simply can’t plan and predict everything. Surrendering with the assurance that everything works for the best has been one of the most serene and peaceful experience so far.

Feminine Energy. The women in my life are a constant source of inspiration. Because of the way they live their life, their energy is endlessly helping me to live a better life. I believe that they should be celebrated and praised. That is how the series “Conversation with” started.

Abandoning restrictive short-term goals. I’ve learned that the important thing is to move forward in the direction of your long-term objectives. When you are on a journey it is helpful to know where you are going but unnecessary to stifle yourself with short term goals and an endless number of lists which leaves no room for flexibility, as they are simply indicative.

Measuring up your own progress. Looking back at your situation 2 years ago?1 year ago? How far have you come? Can you see a progression? The answer is likely to be yes.  Those are questions you should be worried about. I realised that comparing myself now to myself then was the best way to go.

Surrounding yourself well. Your environment, the people you keep around you have an impact on your personal energy. Surrounding yourself well means protecting your personal energy and taking care of yourself.

Moulding an environment conducive to personal growth. Getting to know yourself well, being well surrounding, treating yourself, taking time for the activities you love, taking time for yourself, finding the tools necessary for your well being. Creating an environment conducive to your personal growth is essential when embarking on a self-love journey.

Positivity brings positivity, it is a virtuous circle. I have learnt that the more I speak in positive terms, the more I think in positive terms, the more I act compassionately and the best I feel. Positive thinking is impressive.

Reading – “I regained my soul through literature” – Roman Payne. I gained my peace of mind through literature. A state of calmness, a comfort in difficult times, an escape sometimes, a reality check when needed.

Solitude = personal moment = opportunities to evolve. Spending lots of time by myself does not feel like a burden anymore. I have learned to transformed those moments in personal moments, moments to breath and to think about the most important. Where am I with my life? How I am truly feeling about my lifestyle? What type of daughter/friend I am?

Getaways, trying new things revitalises the mind. I have learnt that I am in constant need of discovering new things. Trying new things awaken my mind.

Sport is a form of meditation. I begin loving sports for the positive effects it had on my body. But I’m continuing for the positive effect it has on my body and on my mind. Hiking, walking and running by myself became great ways to clear out my thoughts

Contentment and gratitude are work. Our mind naturally concentrates and what is not going right, so it is up to us to make that conscious work and ask ourselves daily. What am I grateful for? What brought me joy today?

Invading my personal space with reminders and powerful messages has become a remarkable tool in lifting my mind.

Self-love and self-care are the strongest foundations one can have.

Morning time is the best part of the day. Having a morning routine, a life before work has been one of the greatest assets in my life. It is a peaceful time which helps me to check my actions, my words, my thoughts and more largely my lifestyle.

Your god given gifts need to be magnified. I have learned that I have been involved in a
system that kind of stifle my gifts whether the school system or the societal norms of what a normal life should be. So I am in the process of rediscovering them as I am convinced that it is a duty to discover and act according to your purpose.

The importance of lifting, supporting, complementing others.africa

The greatness of my people. African people are a great people. Throughout the years, I have learnt to deconstruct the standard discourse embedded in our society.  African history, spiritual traditions, literature, filmography is great and I’m learning to discover those different cultural aspects. Living in a structure which continuously diminishes who you are can lead to self-hate and blame. I have chosen to transform those feelings and embark on a rediscovery journey.

Appreciating the little things.

Writing. Writing has changed my life. Putting things on paper has been a great  way to put things into perspectives.


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