Hanny’s journey: as a successful freelancer

Do you wish to build your own project? Are you facing some challenges along the road?  I trust that Hanny’s insights will inspire you to start where you are and make things happen.

Hanny Kusumawati is an Indonesian writer and digital content strategist. She also facilitates workshops/ training on writing, creating creative content and works on a bunch of creative projects.

I love her work and the soothing energy she conveys throughout her online platform. She is all about empowerment, education and she is particularly relatable. Be sure to follow her work on her blogFB page and Instagram !

Her story and motivation as a freelancer

20292911_819284784897990_1242994340659225311_nTo me, being a location-independent freelancer is about being able to be wherever I want (or need) at a particular moment in my life and still enjoy work from wherever I am. 

Flexibility is the key.

I love working, creating, giving birth to ideas and getting involved in good projects, but at the same time, I’d like to have the ability to spend my time with people I love, doing things I love, traveling or learning new skills…  – these are things that make my heart sing.

When my mother passed away a few years ago, something hit me, hard. The realisation that at the end of the day, life as we know it, would eventually end. So, I stopped postponing the things I’d like to experience and started to experience them instead.

The tools that made that journey successful

21317532_838506759642459_675873792002897974_nI read a lot of spiritual and self-development books. I am a sucker for these things. They gave me conviction and motivation when I need them. Instead of complaining about my problems/doubts to friends and acquaintances, I found a book addressing that issue and took the message that fits me.

I surround myself with friends and mentors I respect. I stay away from toxic environment and relationships. I think this is one of the most important aspect of this journey. You need to be with people who lift you up instead of crushing you down. This doesn’t mean that they have to be all lovey-dovey and soft-spoken. These people can be challenging, straightforward, or having a no-nonsense approach, but they do this because they want to lift you up.

Writing as a self-development tool

I write because at the time, it was the only thing I can do. I write because it was the cheapest and safest way to express myself: my sadness, my anger, my hatred, as well as my secret wishes, my dreams… my love. I write because when things get hard, writing gives me an outlet to empty my mind (and my heart) for a while.

I write because only by doing so, I can transfer the revolving and revolting thoughts in my mind into the pages of my journal, name it, recognise it, pinpoint it, then lock it in a drawer and give it a safe ‘distance’. I write because I can reread those words a few hours later, nine days later, nine weeks later, nine months later, or nine years later, and feel differently each time; noticing how much I have grown and how much I have learned.

I write because that’s the one thing I know to see the many sides of me and finally understand who I really am–and who I really want to be (even when nobody is looking).

More about my relationship with writing can be found here.

Her advice for those willing to become freelancer or entrepreneur

21370966_839247686235033_983999494930761861_nJust know that the grass is always greener on the other side. So, weigh your option and weigh it carefully. Know the reason why you’re doing this, why you’re making this decision. Know that there will always be a different set of problems and challenges, and prepare yourself to face it. I wrote something here and here that might help you.

In terms of finance, I would say, know how much you’ll need to live quite comfortably (everyone is different). And find out ways to cover that: do you want to cut expenses or increase your income? Then develop a strategy to get there. Stop excessive and mindless buying. Read books about how you can have a better relationship with money. Invest in you: in your health, in your happiness, in your well-being. As an entrepreneur, YOU are a valuable asset. So always, always, invest in yourself first.

On finding a public? GIVE. Give your best. Offer help. Provide information. Create. Make something. Share. This post might be helpful. The sample there was about how you can start a career as a copywriter, but the steps are applicable for any kind of businesses you’re interested in.

Her suggestions for those eager yet struggling to start and build their projects

If you have difficulties in finding inspiration and ideas, maybe you’re not in love with that creative project as much. There are two ways around it: 1) find ways to love the creative project more or 2) find a new creative project you’re in love with.

Inspiration and ideas can be found anywhere. Even if you Google, “inspiration for…” you could find tons of ideas and inspirations that can spark some creative fireworks inside of you.

But this is just not enough.

You need to be excited about your creative project. Find something you’re truly excited of doing you can’t stop thinking, talking, and planning it in your head, and then we’ll talk about ideas and inspiration. Be brutally honest about what makes you feel excited and thrilled.

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