How to manage your time wisely?

Managing your time wisely essentially means being conscious of the energy you get. To me, it makes no doubt that time-management skills start within. Managing your time wisely is not about doing work or doing something all the time. It means getting to know yourself enough to understand, when, how, where, you will give the best of yourself and most importantly why. It means being mindful.

Developing the different parts of your personality is key to living a balanced life. I am convinced that to be truly accomplished you need to respect and give space to do the things that bring you joy and that are in accordance with your vision.

It is a great thing to go to school or/and to go to work daily. But how great that is when you actually give space to experience other things too. Doing activities,  joining an association, doing photography, visiting a family member more often, whatever it is. It is essential to ask yourself: What are you willing to do lovingly? What are the things that excite your soul? What are the things and people that matter the most to you?

Tips to manage your time wisely

Meditation: It may come as a surprise but before starting anything it is a must to reaffirm your intention, your objectives for the day. Meditation is a great tool to do just that. The biggest work starts inside with a clear mind and a sense of purpose.

Continuously get to know yourself more: Take time, do the work necessary to understand your goals, your ideal routine and your motivation.


Identify your long term and short term goals: First start with a long-term picture then write down the small steps necessary to contribute to this vision. Concentrate on the short-term goals to get things done on a daily basis and also keep in mind the bigger picture to stay motivated along your journey.

Put things on paper: Writing things down helps order, shape, deepen our goals. It instantly makes ideas more concrete. Put your goals, your plans, your motivation everything that matters to you on paper.

Whatever you wish to accomplish, concentrate on:

Being effective rather than efficient as it is not a race.

Being Focus. Focus!

Finishing a bigger task before moving to another one


Removing distractions when necessary

Planning breaks

Make lists: Make lists regularly to help you accomplish your short-term goals and leave room for the unexpected. To organize them it is a good idea to put your long term goals as a title then break down the tasks related to that goal.

Breath: Every single day, breath. Understand that you are on your way to becoming your Higher Self, with your sense of motivation there is no other option. Even when things do not go as planned, even when some times you feel stuck you always get to re-invent yourself. Never be too hard on yourself, breathe and keep it moving.

Picture © Djénéba Diallo