How to start writing for your wellness? A week challenge: 7 days – 7 lists


mandelaSebenni ni Taama means writing and travelling and is all about providing you relevant tools for your self-growth. In that regards, writing is a powerful one. It is a tool that has helped me tremendously to ponder my experience in this world, to think about my character and has enabled me to deepen my spiritual and personal development journey.

To write is to be audacious, it is to dare to start and act, act on yourself, on your environment and on your ideas.  To write is to dare to explore your potential. To write is to take a step closer to knowing yourself which in turn is a source of self-confidence and self-acceptance.  

Those paradigms are requisite to self-growth, wellness and great undertakings.

Morning or evening time is a perfect time for self-reflection and writing is a great way to do just that. As I am aware that writing is something that does not comes easy to many, this week I challenge you to write a list, a day, to get started with writing. I challenge you after writing your ideas, to write further words to meditate about, then to think of an action in relation to that list.

lets do thisAfterwards, it is up to you to deepen your self-reflection time, to continue with an affirmation, a personal mission statement, a meditation, a visualisation, a concrete plan of action. Let yourself be surprised and participate in this rewarding challenge!

  1. Monday: List your goals and dreams
  2. Tuesday: List the most important things to you
  3. Wednesday: List the past challenges that have shaped you
  4. Thursday: List what makes you healthy -soul, spirit, mind, body.
  5. Friday: List all the things you wish to be known for
  6. Saturday: List the things you are proud of
  7. Sunday: List the things that make you laugh

With care,


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