Life After University: The art of being comfortable with the uncomfortable


angelouBeing comfortable with the uncomfortable, being at ease with the unknown, being mentally stable when external circumstances are unstable is to date one of the most challenging journeys I have consciously decided to embark on.

After university, you are finding yourself outside this comfortable and save space where things are pretty predictable and comforting. This environment in which you know exactly the direction you are heading toward and the opportunities you can create for yourself.

After this time, the journey is all about adjustment and flexibility. Sometimes, it feels that your potential does not match your reality at all and the efforts put in bettering your situation do not to pay. It is an overwhelming feeling knowing your worth yet fearing to waste your life away.

The journey so far has been tumultuous, surprising and easing, all at the same time. It is a never-ending quest, which takes an unconditional amount of self-love and self-confidence. I have come to the realization that it is all about opening your heart to your journey and being aware that this is a learning process.

I wrote about this inward process here and there on the blog. Here are further lessons learned and considerations to keep in mind when willing to master the art of being comfortable with the uncomfortable especially when the journey is getting confusing and lonely.

  • Evaluate your dreams and goals. Do the internal work.

I touch upon this here. It is essential that you check your objectives and thoughts. What do you ultimately want for yourself? What type of lifestyle suits your being? Why do you want, what you want? The goal we have set up for yourself, is it the only way to reach our ultimate destination?

We should always start with the very end in mind, figure out our mission and visualise the possibilities to get there. It’s all about understanding the why’s and reflecting on the solutions.

  • Be happy on your way to happy

As human beings, we have a general tendency to take things for granted and gravitate towards ungratefulness. It is so important to enjoy the process while advancing toward your destination. Make sure you enjoy yourself and live a rewarding experience while advancing along the path of your purpose. Moreover, alongside our life’s journey, we always have greater achievements we are looking up to even after hitting some major goals. So live in thenow.

  • Practice self-care – Adopt new habits – Become healthier (mind-body-soul)

  • Understand that flexibility does not mean settling

post3112When you continuously explore your solutions and understand the lifestyle that is right for you, it is essential to be open-minded and goal-oriented. There are many ways to get to your ultimate destinations. One of the important things I have learned is the importance of understanding your plurality as a person and invest in the different part of you. Working for a while on a career path that is not in alignment with yourself does not mean that you can’t explore other things that are on a regular basis. Being flexible is not settling but exploring the things you aspire to and giving space to the different part of you in creative ways.

  • Use your challenges as a motivation to deepen your journey

In the past, my biggest life’s challenges were the step that encouraged me to take up the next level in my life and ended up deepening my journey. As a consequence, I have learnt to be a bit more comfortable with the uncomfortable as those phases are often synonym with remarkable self-growth and more peace.

  • Read, listen, imitate those whose values, lifestyle, personality, goals match yours

This will be a great way to keep you inspired and open-minded to the many options to get to the destination you are looking up to.

Being uncomfortable is a sign that something needs to change in your journey, in your lifestyle. You are being challenged and redirected to your purpose.We should be comfortable with being uncomfortable for it is a powerful place to be in.

With care,