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Mariagoreth on Career, Purpose & Analysing Our Fears

Djénéba sits down with, Tanzanian media and communications specialist, Mariagoreth, for a career conversation. We discussed about her career choice, her challenges with employment, creating her own business and her search for her purpose beyond her career path.

In this episode, you’ll find out
How Mariagoreth got started in her field
Her concrete recommendations for those wondering about their career choice and purpose
The difference between a career and a purpose
How Mariagoreth overcame her employment challenges
The importance of listening to our fears and analyzing them on the road to success
How obstacles always assist us to reach our goals
The importance of learning from and working with people we admire

Resources mentioned by Mariagoreth
Listening to talks by people you find inspirational
• Books: The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
• 100 ways to motivate others – Steve Chandler
• The impossible is possible -John Mason