Live Out Loud: Writing For Self-Improvement 

  • Live Out loud: Writing For Self-Improvement is your daily companion. It is a thought-provoking interactive journal aimed at improving your life’s journey and elevating your mind. It is filled with inspiring illustrations, positive content and impactful questions to guide your writing process and help you conceptualize your vision. Let's embark on this journey, let's write and truly live out loud!
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Writing For your Well-being 

Are you willing to start journaling but need some guidance? Here are writing exercises to inspire you to become more self-aware. This is a valuable resource, you may want to go back to when need, try out some exercises and adapt them to your particular needs. 


AN E-POETRY COLLECTION: Teaching my daughter, the art of breathing  

To read or to write poetry are both practices that can trigger a higher sense of well-being or understanding. Those are poems I wrote on immigration, oppression as well as confidence  and hope.