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Tanya on Social Justice, Being truthful and Self-care as an activist

In this episode, I sit down with multifaceted artist and social justice activist Tanya. Her work most importantly centres on self-care as a political act and the importance of sisterhood in regards to healing.

As the discussion goes on, we discussed her involvement against racism and sexism, how it deeply connects with her spirituality, how reading and studying hard enabled her to deepen her level of consciousness and consequently protected her integrity.

Tanya’s spiritual journey, her advice to deal with microaggressions, the tools she used to stay grounded and take care of herself, what activism is really about to her and so much more. Stay tuned!

In this episode, you’ll find out about
The history of her involvement against Racism / Sexism
Why being conscious of your heritage can be a form of empowerment
Ideas to deal with micro-attacks
Reading and studying as activism

Resources mentioned by Tanya
The Book: All About Love by bell hooks