Tumtitu’s journey living the career path that is wonderfully hers as a Visual Artist

Are you considering an unconventional career path or a career path that is perceived as too competitional, too hard and with fewer work opportunities?

Or maybe you are considering a studying road that is seen as a lesser road? For instance, going to a professional school rather than university or not getting a master’s degree. Are you thinking about taking the risks despite your doubts?

If so, here is an insight into Tumtitu’s thought-provoking journey choosing the career path that is truly, fearlessly, wonderfully hers as a visual artist.

Her words are filled with interesting perspectives that may resonate with you as well as makes you ponder about your reality and your truths as you are embarking on this personal journey.

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Tumtitu: The Artist

switzerland-179I have always had a great interest in arts – acting, creating, photography, videography -and in being creative. Those are things that came naturally to me, things that I always was attracted to. There also the things I felt I could do with more ease than anything else.

Therefore, I have become a freelance visual artist, I do photography and make videos. It does not felt like work to me at all, I feel like I am doing what I naturally should do.It is a special type of feeling. I don’t feel like my art is a separate thing from me, it is simply a part of me. I also dream of becoming a film director.


Her journey to photography

My love for photography has being gradual. I mean I have always loved visual arts but coming to the realization that it was not your typical love story (laughs) but that special love, was a process.

I started photography with my sister, we would take pictures all the time that’s when I started to develop my interest in photography and for making videos. I really liked it and I decided to do it professionally.

I went to university in the United States to study cinematography. I met a lot of creative people, mostly photographers and graphic designers there. They inspired me daily to become a better photographer. I also started to make videos and edit them.

15896318_10206971471240343_2151014621328371382_oThere, my love for visual art reached another level. There, I knew that it is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  It was not just something I liked and consequently wanted to work on. I realised it was something I wanted for my life. I believe we all have gifts and capturing different realities was meant for me.

There were also ups and downs to that journey. Being surrounded by such talented people made me doubt myself, it made me question if that was really for me. Of course, I knew what I wanted and what I needed, but when you are evolving in a certain type of environment, it is not always simple to stay confident. At some point, I even switched my major from Cinematography to Psychology.

This felt all too wrong for me though as if I was living someone else lives. From that point, I made the decision to honour myself doing what I am really passionate about and doing it the best of my abilities which is the best gift I could give to myself and my environment.

Her advice for those struggling to find their purpose or, those things that truly moves them

Never fear trying something new. I  don’t think we’re made for one thing and I know some people struggle to find something that truly inspires them, but I believe by trying new things and taking risks we constantly reinvent ourselves and discover small parts of who we are and sometimes it turns out to be something we never thought we’d like but ends up being the thing we’d do for the rest of our lives.

I believe that we all have something deep inside that we either think about or dream to do even though we do not pay much attention to it. So, it is also good to consider what is already there.

switzerland-192Photography as a tool for self-growth

I’m an abnormally sensitive person, I feel everything deeply, which can be very disturbing sometimes because I turn every situation, every image into something poetic.

Whenever I’m walking in the city, or driving home and the sun is setting down, my first thought is always “I wish I could capture this moment”. Photography has taught me to seek beauty, to focus on the smallest, most beautiful things we usually miss because we’re too busy or too preoccupied. Therefore, it also enables me to be more mindful, and be more present.

That’s why taking portraits is my favourite thing. There’s this one quote that says “black and white photography captures someone’s soul”, and I truly believe that a good photographer is someone who sees through you and can capture your essence.


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