What Rebirth Is

According to the Oxford Dictionary, rebirth is:

1/ a period of new life, growth or activity

2/ ​a spiritual change when a person’s faith becomes stronger or they experience a spiritual shift

Here is a journal prompt: How do you understand this word? What does it entail to you? Have you ever experienced a rebirth? From personal experience rebirth is re-learning self, comprehending yourself on a deeper level. A level of understanding that leads to a shift in the way you perceive your persona. What does your personal experience tell you?

You never force your way into a re-birth. You re-learn self in due time, when an overload of predicaments leaves you no other choice but to open a brand-new door or, when an overwhelming feeling of pain leads you to leave your very, uncomfortable, comfort zone.

Most of us are already aware of the things that regularly hold us back but not necessarily why. The process of deeply looking backwards, at our history can provide valuable answers enabling us to unstuck and to finally move forward more confidently than ever.

Maybe we are too attached to an outcome for, we were deprived of it most of our lives? Maybe, a past circumstance impacted us more than we thought? And maybe, just maybe, we spend so much time chasing those outcomes that we lost our true authenticity depriving ourselves and the world of our gifts, chasing air, sweating in vein. The process of re-learning self is ongoing.

In this time of crisis, it is likely that a lot of us are going through a period of – renew– a period of redefinition.

Here are common lesson learned when going through a rebirth:

Rediscovering our story is necessary, it is vital

Being controlling can be extremely toxic, control is rooted in fear and faith is the best way to combat fear.

The power of surrendering, we do not always know what is best for us. Therefore, getting attached to a single outcome does not make sense.

 The importance of fully accepting our purpose.

What are yours? Take the time to soak in, to delve deeper, to trigger those reflections that are likely to sooth you.


Picture © Amaal Said