Why I blog?

What do you regularly do to, elevate your mind, challenge yourself, be creative, get out of this bubble you are evolving in? I blog. I blog because it has become a necessity.Some people need to shop, others to party, others to dedicate themselves to their work to experiment this satisfying feeling of excitement meaning they are right here, living, breathing.

I need to blog, because of my love for writing, visual storytelling and traveling. I need to blog to know that I am alive and kicking, that I am not merely existing, letting life live through me, but living life fully, joy-fully, meaning-fully contributing to a project which deeply resonates with me.

Expressing my creativity

I need to create, to freely conceptualise my own ideas, giving birth to my own philosophy, giving space to my individuality, understanding the depth of my identity.  Blogging is not the only way I express my creativity. It has, however, been a leverage to dig deeper into my creative self, to undertake creative projects.

Expressing my humanity

It deals with authenticity, relatability, dialogue, honesty. Even when you don’t use the “I” on every article, when you blog, you are expressing part of your story, you are being vulnerable. Today’s flow of information enable to relate to like-minded individuals through your platform. You get to understand and feel understood too. The connection that stems  from such a platform is extremely powerful.

Spreading positivity

Different people chose different tools, for different things, at different times, to stay sane, to spread positivity. Things that they know barely nothing about, things they have never done but somehow feel passionate about. At a particularly laid-back stage in my life, I have chosen to start and blog and I am grateful for blogging has chosen me too, then considerably uplifted me.

It is been a year, and it is challenging like most of new endeavours. At times, I can get frustrated for failing to be consistent or writing a not so well-received article. I doubt wondering if what I am doing makes sense, wondering if I should stop.

Nevertheless, in the end, I always keep on blogging for it is a process that is bringing me light and making me light, allowing me to develop skills and to develop myself. For, sometimes you need to do things not because of how popular you are but just because. Because you trust.

I believe it is healthy to regularly do one thing, to elevate your mind, challenge yourself, be creative, get out of this bubble you are evolving in. What is your thing?