Your money or your life? : on Burn outs

How can you make time for self-care when you have one, two or three demanding jobs? How can you make time for self-care when you need to work substantially to eat and pay the bills? How can you make time for self-care when you are struggling by yourself with no parent or partner to take care of you? Is self-care a privilege for people who have loads of money or people with no obligations?

Absolutely not. I am convinced that money does not have to be a nightmare. There is no need to prioritizes it over your own well-being. In our society, because everyone is moving so fast, we are encouraged to do the same. At some point, without realising it the quest for money becomes a priority, a never-ending race then a never-ending vicious circle which stirs away most of your time, which weight downs on your physical health and consequently have harmful effects on your emotional health.

Burn out is no joke. That feeling of exhaustion, loss of motivation and helplessness. That situation when you have no time for yourself,  no time for socializing, no time for relaxing, exercising, no time for anything that serves you. If you feel that way and if you are finding yourself in such a  situation it may be the sign that you need a lifestyle change.

A good way to deal with it, would be to reach out to other people to find a long-lasting solution, to ask for help, to assess how it would be possible to change your lifestyle and to adopt a healthier routine. The solution could be to reduce your hours, to  look for another position, to seek financial help or to seek assistance.There is always something that can be done.


If burnout seems inevitable, try to take a complete break from work.  Take holidays or call in sick. Then use the time to properly recharge your batteries and also evaluate the next steps that could be undertaken to change your current lifestyle.

Burnout is an important sign that something in your life is not working. It can be an opportunity to rediscover what really makes you happy, an opportunity for you to slow down and give yourself time to reflect on yourself, your projects, the way you are living your life.

Prioritizing taking care of yourself even if society is encouraging you to push yourself to the point of exhaustion to succeed is a tough yet necessary decision to take.

My posts may seem out of touch with reality sometimes, especially if you find yourself confronted with a dilemma, a practical issue such as not finding a job for months or lack of money.Sometimes, what I write may seem a bit like a fantasy but it is pure concrete. I write absolutely everything from my own experience. On many instances, I found myself in this situation. I have learnt that in order to deal with the practical issues, you need to have a solid foundation.How can you properly deal with these valleys if you do not constantly build yourself personally? How is that possible if you do not dig deeper into yourself and understand your priorities?

That is what burnout forces you to do.

So your money or Your life?

“Yo habré trabajado mucho toda la vida, pero he trabajado despacio, tomándome todo el tiempo del mundo. No buscaba hacer números o ver desfilar clientes, no. Ir despacio, ése es el secreto de la felicidad.”

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, “El señor Ibrahim y las flores del Corán”

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