A Book Many Lessons: The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Are you looking for a short yet powerful book to read? The kind of book that you can pick up every time you need a boost of energy and that is easy to go through? Then, I highly recommend The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. It is concise, straight to the point and extremely useful. Moreover, it is filled with practical exercises to apply and adapt to your circumstances.

I read it a while ago, but I always go back to some chapters when I feel disconnected from life and in need of inspiration. It is a classic that successfully mingles power, simplicity and practicality.

What are we talking about?

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success focus on the concept of spiritual calmness and achieving success, and links the two; it deals with seven specific ways to let both come to us. I like the fact that the author combines practice and theory which makes his ideas more tangible, more relatable and easier to successfully implement in our  lives.​

It stresses the importance of mindfulness, of acceptance, of positive thinking, of being confident about the future, yet not attached to the outcome of serving the world through the realisation of our purpose and so much more. It is full of inspiring life lessons.


What are the two major things I have learnt?

1. Law of Dharna

This law basically states that everyone has a purpose in life and unique gifts. It reveals how critical it is to live up to those special talents.

What struck me most is that the book did not only emphasize the importance of discovering those abilities, of discovering our purpose. Rather, the idea that these abilities should first and foremost serve others was central to the author’s philosophy. Others as family, community and humanity at large. He explains how blending our special and unique gifts with service can lead to true fulfilment, freedom and success.

2. Law of Detachment

DeepakThis law states that in order to acquire anything, to truly be successful, we have to relinquish our attachment to what we desire. This really spoke to me for it is something I can grasp mentally yet still struggle with, as being in control feels extremely safe and comfortable for me.

The idea is that we should transform insecurity into acceptance and possibilities. Indeed, we should step into the field of all possibilities and anticipate the excitement that can occur when we remain open to an infinity of choices. 

With care,


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