How to move to a new place without too much mental damage



Travelling experiences can be hard mentally. I only had one bad experience when I was settling somewhere new. This experience drained all my energy. I learned to deal with being depressed over there and thinking back on this experience I came with this list of suggestions which may hopefully give a few ideas to someone who is going through the same situation.

  • Evaluate your decisions and objectives. There is no point in questioning over and over your decision. So, it is important to fully analyse the reason why you are doing what you are doing. When you understand it, and become convinced that it is part of a bigger beneficial objective, you become comfortable with your decision and ready to make the most of it.
  • Evaluate your financial situation. It is nice to settle in a new place but what a nightmare it can be if you are not ready financially! Do not rush into a new situation. Take time to save up money so you can be comfortable for several months.
  • Be prepared. Be prepared regarding where you want to stay. Look for things to do or places to see so you will have something to look forward to. You can also find books and travel guides. Those are full of information on cultural activities, festivals, places to go and places to avoid.
  • Look for acquaintances that may be living there. If you know someone who is already settled where you are relocating do not hesitate to contact them. It will be great to already have someone to see and who is willing to help you out. It might not work out but you have nothing to lose.
  • Get out there! – Do voluntary work, join an association, do activities that you love. It will only help you while contributing to a project. Moreover, you will attract like-minded people which may lead to healthy future friendships.
  • Meditate and do sport – Those are useful tools to deal with your stress and anxiety. You don’t need anyone nor anything to start  but the willingness to adopt a healthier attitude. You can also look for your own tools to feel better, it can be writing, reading positive content, drawing.
  • Keep an open-mind – Be willing to be flexible not to be disappointed when your new reality doesn’t exactly meet your expectations. They should indeed be non-negotiable but they should be realistic and reasonable. For exampllovee, going to Brazil to become fluent in Portuguese.
  • Build a good relationship with your housemate if any or neighbours. Those are the first people you are going to meet and the people you will have to interact with constantly. Therefore, it is definitely worth  trying to build a good relationship with them.
  • Try to get out every day and talk. Go out even if it is just for a walk through the city or go to a comfortable coffee. Read, write, call home. Do not isolate yourself.

If you are finding yourself in a situation that is really too hard, be proactive about finding solutions to change it. I left when I could, I am not living in that city anymore. In the meantime, understand that you are advancing toward greater goals, you are learning and you can still try to make the situation better.

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