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Kierra on Adulting, Therapy and the benefits of Blogging

In this episode I discuss with Kierra Gray, a blogger, women advocate and journalist. We discussed her path to adulting, living her multiple purpose, finding her voice, how therapy and blogging enabled her to cope with stress and anxiety. Her passion for helping women, building communities and of course self-care.

In this episode you’ll found out about 

How she has built a community

Why building a community or taking part in communities can be life changing

Kierra’s suggestions on dealing with rejections and job searching after university

Her advice on self-care and coping with stress

How her struggles enabled her to be more creative and walk in her purpose

Her journey with therapy

Why therapy was a great tool to help her deal with anxiety

Blogging as a self-care practice

Inspiring and helping women as a calling

Her journey from journalism to blogging

How she is able to balance her different interests

The art of being a millennial and grasping opportunities

Her journey and work advocating for women

What it means to be a feminist to her and how does it translate in her life

How motherhood literally saved her life


Ideas mentioned by Kierra to cope with anxiety:

  • Therapy

  • Blogging if writing is a passion of yours

  • Taking part in groups or communities or bulding one


Kierra’s platform




« People think that you have to be unstable and crazy to go to therapy but life is hard. It is ok to want to talk, to want to care for yourself. Truth is, sometimes your friend and your family may not be able to help or may guide you in the wrong direction. 

« I wanted other mothers of color to understand that there were not alone in their journey. I wanted them to come together and learn form each other.

My goal was to bring women from different walk of my life yet dealing with similar situations together, to make them feel more connected and less lonely on their journey. »