Reclaiming your joy, really?

Structural obstacles, 


bad news,

overload tensions.

How to keep enjoying the journey when things fall apart? How to keep enjoying the journey when things take a long time to come in order? When you are submerged by tomorrow’s expectations, when you are finding yourself diving into worry, a lot can be done to reclaim your joy.

Yet, is the quest for an ever-lasting joy necessary? That fuel isn’t it a bit over-estimated? How about growing through what you are being put through?  Is it necessary to put a smile or a veil of positive outlook on everything? I have found that reclaiming your heart, getting back to your higher self, reclaiming your authenticity through the journey is more important – it is essential.

For, joy does not always have its place when dealing with an overload of predicament. Sometimes, things are hard, period, and we must allow ourselves to simply acknowledge and accept the situation. However, that sensitivity, those aspirations, those gifts that make a human being unique are critical to reclaim at all stages in our journey.

Let us keep being authentic even when the journey gets rocky, let us not forget to keep moving while transitioning.  As a creative, I know that creative energy is very demanding. However, I realised that during those times when I do not have much energy, those days where I have a bit more energy stepping into creativeness is what may increase my mood. It is not so much about joy but much more about acceptance, self-satisfaction and lasting growth.

Let us invest in what will make us prosper long-term.

“Going with the flow is about adjusting to our circumstances. It does not mean letting life live through us, but rather living mindfully, letting go of the circumstances and the people we do not have control over.

Adopting a different angle being creative in the way we deal with our situations, being able to be far-sighted enough to make the most of our here and now is what we mean by going with the flow. When we let go of something, we calm down, things start to fall into place, we become able to discover solutions.”

Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama

Picture © Djénéba Diallo