How to travel amazingly on a budget! – Jessica’s tips

How to travel amazingly on a budget! – Jessica’s tips Engaging with local communities and other travellers, learning from people’s stories, cultures and challenging myself. As a traveller, those are the experiences I am keen on exploring. Therefore, it is naturally that I connected with Jessica and became interested in her unique story. We first met on a gorgeous day at the centre of Praça do Comercio in Lisboa, and instantly connected throughout our similar philosophy regarding travelling, our passion for cultures, languages and people. She states “To enjoy yourself does not mean you should have the most expensive things. For me, being able to explore another country and meet other travellers and locals is the best and the most […]

Why you should travel solo!

Why you should travel solo! Recently, I had the guts to travel completely by myself for a week for a holiday without the intent to meet with a friend, nor without a cultural and educational structure or volunteering association. Just me myself and I. I am always thought to be independent but for some reason, the idea of it paralysed me. Why would someone go on the other side of the world without anyone to share? Why would someone choose on purpose to be alone especially abroad when you are supposed to enjoy yourself the most? I guess I quickly realised that if you decide to wait for people to do what you aspire to do, what your heart is […]

İstanbul çok güzel! / Istanbul is mesmerizing!

İstanbul is mesmerizing! There are some cities where you simply feel safe, feel well, places you feel a warmth sensation every time you are coming back. Istanbul has a unique type of energy that naturally elevates my mind, my mood and triggers creativity. Travelling regularly to places that conveys such great energies is in the end all about practising self-care.    Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the city bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. Its multiple cultural identities are embedded in its identity which largely contributes to my fascination with the city. The Greeks, the Italians, the Jewish, the Kurdish or the Armenians these communities have lived for centuries in Istanbul and have left a tremendous […]

How to move to a new place without too much mental damage

How to move to a new place without too much mental damage   Travelling experiences can be hard mentally. I only had one bad experience when I was settling somewhere new. This experience drained all my energy. I learned to deal with being depressed over there and thinking back on this experience I came with this list of suggestions which may hopefully give a few ideas to someone who is going through the same situation. Evaluate your decisions and objectives. There is no point in questioning over and over your decision. So, it is important to fully analyse the reason why you are doing what you are doing. When you understand it, and become convinced that it is part of a bigger […]