Event Hosting, Panel Discussion & Networking

Event Hosting, Panel Discussion & Networking Program Teaming up with Lagos-based creative hub, For Creative Girls, AYA Consulting is hosting the first Paris For Creative Girls Meet-Up at the uber stylish concept store, Maison Chateau Rouge. I will be one of the guest speaker with two pioneering female creatives of color in Arts, Culture, Travel and Community Building:  – Jacqueline Ngo Mpii, Founder of Little Africa Travel and Author of two “Little Africa in Paris Guides” – Saran Koly, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Fields Mag. Venue: MAISON CHATEAU ROUGE – PARIS Date and hours: Sat, nOVEMBER 9TH – From 4 PM

Asta on Identity, Confidence and Lifting others

Podcast available on : Asta on Identity, Confidence and Lifting others Djénéba sits down with Asta, a free-lance creative, to discuss her past identity struggles being a Muslim living in Europe followed by her journey to self-acceptance. Her passion for bringing in others their confidence and pushing them to deepen their goals and of course self-care. In this episode, you’ll find out about Asta’s identity challenges being a Muslim in Europe as a teen How Asta’s overcome those challenges and became a strong-minded individual Asta’s advice for overcoming any identity challenges – religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality –Asta’s suggestions for becoming genuinely and confidently yourself How Asta learned to heal herselfStarting where we are in terms of wellnessSelf-care and wellbeing is accessible to anyone, right […]

Mariagoreth on Career, Purpose & Analysing Our Fears

Podcast available on : Mariagoreth on Career, Purpose & Analysing Our Fears Djénéba sits down with, Tanzanian media and communications specialist, Mariagoreth, for a career conversation. We discussed about her career choice, her challenges with employment, creating her own business and her search for her purpose beyond her career path. In this episode, you’ll find outHow Mariagoreth got started in her fieldHer concrete recommendations for those wondering about their career choice and purposeThe difference between a career and a purposeHow Mariagoreth overcame her employment challengesThe importance of listening to our fears and analyzing them on the road to successHow obstacles always assist us to reach our goalsThe importance of learning from and working with people we admire Resources mentioned by […]

Life After University: The art of being comfortable with the uncomfortable

Life After University: The art of being comfortable with the uncomfortable   Being comfortable with the uncomfortable, being at ease with the unknown, being mentally stable when external circumstances are unstable is to date one of the most challenging journeys I have consciously decided to embark on. After university, you are finding yourself outside this comfortable and save space where things are pretty predictable and comforting. This environment in which you know exactly the direction you are heading toward and the opportunities you can create for yourself. After this time, the journey is all about adjustment and flexibility. Sometimes, it feels that your potential does not match your reality at all and the efforts put in bettering your situation do not […]

How to stay focused on your goals? A week writing challenge – 7 days 7 key questions

How to stay focused on your goals? A week writing challenge – 7 days 7 key questions Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama means writing and traveling, because putting things on paper is a great way tool for making sense of your reality, traveling in the depth of your mind and assisting you on reaching new goals in your lives. Those are a series of questions meant to help do the work. They may come handy if: You find yourself stuck in your journey You are willing to take concrete action to keep getting closer to your goals You aim to continuously measure your progress After answering those questions, it is up to you to deepen your self-reflection time. For instance, to write with clarity what […]

Mind Open: The meaning of Timbuktu and its relevance today

Mind Open: The meaning of Timbuktu and its relevance today Embarking on a personal development journey that is, a radical journey for bettering every aspect of yourself is a multidimensional process. It entails being more conscious of ourselves first, our environment, second and our responsibilities, third. Activism choosing to be involved in a way or another, speaking up on prejudice, promoting different narratives, rediscovering a different part of history, broadening your horizons to different cultures can all be part of that process. How do we become more in tune with ourselves? Doing that internal work implies being more aware of our reality, more critical, questioning, researching, creating, reading, debating. Bringing that awareness to our relationships and environment is a more […]

How to move to a new place without too much mental damage

How to move to a new place without too much mental damage   Travelling experiences can be hard mentally. I only had one bad experience when I was settling somewhere new. This experience drained all my energy. I learned to deal with being depressed over there and thinking back on this experience I came with this list of suggestions which may hopefully give a few ideas to someone who is going through the same situation. Evaluate your decisions and objectives. There is no point in questioning over and over your decision. So, it is important to fully analyse the reason why you are doing what you are doing. When you understand it, and become convinced that it is part of a bigger […]

Conversation with Pamela Ohene-Nyako

Conversation with Pamela Ohene-Nyako Historian in becoming, Communicator, Activist, Multifaceted artist, Founder of Afrolitt’ Some women scream inspiration, motivation and admiration. So when you find out what their history is, where they actually come from, the steps they took to arrive where they are, it relieves you. It makes you ponder about the tools necessary for you to truly make manifest the best of yourself. Pamela is that type of woman. Pamela is of Swiss and Ghanaian background. In Switzerland, she created the new, yet already successful literary group regarding literature from Africa and its diaspora called Afrolitt’. It is one of a kind in the region as it questions how stories featured in Black fiction can relate to oneself, one’s […]

Conversation with Kierra Yvonne Fields

Conversation with Kierra Yvonne Fields Poet, Writer, Photographer, Artist, Traveler Kierra is an empowering personality whose journey and words are beyond inspiring. Kierra is an African-American who has a very special relationship with Africa. She recently published a poetry collection, Roots & Tides, which details her initial travels through Africa. This work demonstrates the importance of knowing oneself. A genuine awareness of our identity definitely matters for self-development and self-realization. I am impressed by her healing process, her consistency and her sincerity in bringing out the jewels of her being. Her passion for writing and travelling and her fascinating creative work which bring out those two paradigms together are particularly powerful. It is exactly what Sebenni ni Taama stands for, writing and travelling as […]

Conversation with Vanessa Anta Keita

Conversation with Vanessa Anta Keita Creative, Mama, Writer-in becoming Vanessa truly has a unique, powerful and empowering personality. She is the type of woman who will not only make you laugh out loud with her hilarious sense of humour, eases you with her naturally peaceful behaviour and encourage you throughout her incredible words. Her creative work, her philosophy, her positive way of life, the way she  works for the advancement of herself and her people is something I found to be intriguing and admiring too. However, what strikes me the most about Vanessa was her natural sense of self and her confidence especially in our day and age where insecurities and self-hate have become a commodity. We talked about confidence, her […]