Kierra on Adulting, Therapy and the benefits of Blogging

Podcast available on : Kierra on Adulting, Therapy and the benefits of Blogging In this episode I discuss with Kierra Gray, a blogger, women advocate and journalist. We discussed her path to adulting, living her multiple purpose, finding her voice, how therapy and blogging enabled her to cope with stress and anxiety. Her passion for helping women, building communities and of course self-care. In this episode you’ll found out about  How she has built a community Why building a community or taking part in communities can be life changing Kierra’s suggestions on dealing with rejections and job searching after university Her advice on self-care and coping with stress How her struggles enabled her to be more creative and walk in […]

Pulchérie sur sa mission en tant qu’écrivaine et la place des enjeux identitaires dans son oeuvre

Podcast available on : Pulchérie sur sa mission en tant qu’écrivaine et la place des enjeux identitaires au sein de son oeuvre Dans cet épisode, je discute avec Pulchérie Feupo, jeune écrivaine et éducatrice sociale camerounaise vivant en  Suisse travaillant au sein de la fédération vaudoise de coopération. Ellecvient de publier son premier roman, L’Âme meurtrie d’Anouck. À travers son oeuvre, elle accorde un intérêt particulier aux enjeux identitaires et relationnels pour les membres de cette génération qui évolues entre deux cultures. Elle accomplit cette mission en insistant sur l’importance de l’histoire, en explorant le parcours de trois générations. À travers notre discussion nous aborderons différents thèmes:⦁ Son parcours en tant qu’auteure de l’écriture à la publication⦁ Les thèmes privilégiés au […]


Podcast available on : Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama Trailer Hey! Welcome to Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama Podcast! Sɛbɛnni ni Taama ( meaning Writing and Travelling) is your inspiring go-to conversation on all things wellness and personal development. We also touch on literature, art, culture, activism and travelling as tools to elevate our mind. Hosted by Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama  founder Djénéba those genuine and intimate conversations strive to inspire every one of us to reach higher levels in our life. This uplifting and informative show features a refreshing line-up of guests, who share their journey to greatness as well as practical tips and learned. You can expect Practical tips and strategiesThought-Provoking and intimate conversations with some very special guests

Asta on Identity, Confidence and Lifting others

Podcast available on : Asta on Identity, Confidence and Lifting others Djénéba sits down with Asta, a free-lance creative, to discuss her past identity struggles being a Muslim living in Europe followed by her journey to self-acceptance. Her passion for bringing in others their confidence and pushing them to deepen their goals and of course self-care. In this episode, you’ll find out about Asta’s identity challenges being a Muslim in Europe as a teen How Asta’s overcome those challenges and became a strong-minded individual Asta’s advice for overcoming any identity challenges – religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality –Asta’s suggestions for becoming genuinely and confidently yourself How Asta learned to heal herselfStarting where we are in terms of wellnessSelf-care and wellbeing is accessible to anyone, right […]

Mariagoreth on Career, Purpose & Analysing Our Fears

Podcast available on : Mariagoreth on Career, Purpose & Analysing Our Fears Djénéba sits down with, Tanzanian media and communications specialist, Mariagoreth, for a career conversation. We discussed about her career choice, her challenges with employment, creating her own business and her search for her purpose beyond her career path. In this episode, you’ll find outHow Mariagoreth got started in her fieldHer concrete recommendations for those wondering about their career choice and purposeThe difference between a career and a purposeHow Mariagoreth overcame her employment challengesThe importance of listening to our fears and analyzing them on the road to successHow obstacles always assist us to reach our goalsThe importance of learning from and working with people we admire Resources mentioned by […]

Tanya On Social Justice, Being Truthful And Self-Care As An Activist

Podcast available on : Tanya on Social Justice, Being truthful and Self-care as an activist In this episode, I sit down with multifaceted artist and social justice activist Tanya. Her work most importantly centres on self-care as a political act and the importance of sisterhood in regards to healing. As the discussion goes on, we discussed her involvement against racism and sexism, how it deeply connects with her spirituality, how reading and studying hard enabled her to deepen her level of consciousness and consequently protected her integrity. Tanya’s spiritual journey, her advice to deal with microaggressions, the tools she used to stay grounded and take care of herself, what activism is really about to her and so much more. Stay […]

Audrey on being a Child of the Diaspora, Dealing with Prejudice & Building her pla

Podcast available on : Audrey on being a Child of the Diaspora, Dealing with Prejudice & Building her platform Djénéba sits down with Audrey Bee, a content creator, youtuber and traveler inspiring Africans to look at their respective countries with a new lens, and encouraging others to enlarge their narratives about her country. In this episode, you’ll find out aboutThe importance of her relationship with her country of originHer experience travelling back home to her country and making the most of itVolunteering abroad as a humbling cultural experienceThe prejudice Audrey’s faced as a Congolese growing up in Great-BritainHow Audrey’s overcome those challenges and healedAudrey’s advice for those dealing with prejudiceGetting started, being creative and building a platformThe importance of valuing […]