How to start writing for your wellness? A week challenge: 7 days – 7 lists

How to start writing for your wellness? A week challenge: 7 days – 7 lists   Sebenni ni Taama means writing and travelling and is all about providing you relevant tools for your self-growth. In that regards, writing is a powerful one. It is a tool that has helped me tremendously to ponder my experience in this world, to think about my character and has enabled me to deepen my spiritual and personal development journey. To write is to be audacious, it is to dare to start and act, act on yourself, on your environment and on your ideas.  To write is to dare to explore your potential. To write is to take a step closer to knowing yourself which in turn […]

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why are we continuously sabotaging ourselves? Having self-esteem is great but it should not cause anxiety when our skills and abilities do not translate in our life. We too often forget the things we should hold on to when our expectations do not match our reality: personal growth, learning experiences, character building, resilience, creativity and so much more. Big achievements are partly dependent on external circumstances​; however we are in control of how we decide to process our becoming which is power in itself. One of the major lessons I have learnt this year is how self-compassionate is healing. I understood the importance of being more accepting, accurate, kind and patient towards where I stand on my journey. What is self-compassion? Self-compassion is about: Being kind and understanding the same way we would to friends without harsh judgment. Being mindful of our circumstances without denying them or suppressing our […]

Conversation with Haneek.s

Conversation with Haneek.s Highly talented illustrator widening representation of African women Haneek’s work is not only extremely gorgeous it is also meaningful and purposeful. The power of her illustrations goes beyond its aesthetics.Images are a conveyor of power, they influence perceptions, including self-perceptions. In this sense, her art is inspiring for it creates space for women who are too often under or misrepresented in illustrations and challenges the notion of beauty. Her creative work is stunning, what strikes me most is the softness and natural beauty of the faces she portrays. I find her art empowering as it diversifies the way African women and men are portrayed in our culture and magnifies their beauty. I also believe that her work carve space in […]

A Book Many Lessons: Desert Dawn by Waris Dirie

A Book Many Lessons: Desert Dawn by Waris Dirie   I watched the film adaptation of the book, Desert Flower, years ago as a teen. It is a work of art about the odyssey of Somalian model and activist Waris Dirie, who is tackling the issue of female genital mutilation. So, while I was randomly sitting in this library-café on a Sunday, I find myself right in front of, Desert Dawn, her second book and I knew I should give it a try. I did not remember all the details of the movie yet I did not forget how it made me feel – totally in control. Indeed, even though the account of her story was completely different from mine especially as […]

A Book Many Lessons: The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

A Book Many Lessons: The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success Are you looking for a short yet powerful book to read? The kind of book that you can pick up every time you need a boost of energy and that is easy to go through? Then, I highly recommend The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. It is concise, straight to the point and extremely useful. Moreover, it is filled with practical exercises to apply and adapt to your circumstances. I read it a while ago, but I always go back to some chapters when I feel disconnected from life and in need of inspiration. It is a classic that successfully mingles power, simplicity and practicality. What are we talking about? The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success focus on the concept of spiritual […]

Tumtitu’s journey living the career path that is wonderfully hers as a Visual Artist

Tumtitu’s journey living the career path that is wonderfully hers as a Visual Artist Are you considering an unconventional career path or a career path that is perceived as too competitional, too hard and with fewer work opportunities? Or maybe you are considering a studying road that is seen as a lesser road? For instance, going to a professional school rather than university or not getting a master’s degree. Are you thinking about taking the risks despite your doubts? If so, here is an insight into Tumtitu’s thought-provoking journey choosing the career path that is truly, fearlessly, wonderfully hers as a visual artist. Her words are filled with interesting perspectives that may resonate with you as well as makes you […]


INFORMATION WORKSHOP ON: WRITING AS A TOOL FOR SELF-GROWTH Feedback “It was a friendly Sunday morning where I had the opportunity to connect on a special level with the participants, share and relate to their personal journey in a safe space. But also, get back in touch with me.” Veronica Gomes “It was a workshop to help us understand ourselves better, to learn new tools to manage our time and also to express ourselves through writing. It was all about introspection, relaxation and fun!” Arantxa Caminos Program Meditation session Introduction, presentation and expectations on the workshop Dynamic group activities from the literature on the topic Presentation and discussion on writing as a tool for introspection Dance session Presentation and discussion […]

Tanya On Social Justice, Being Truthful And Self-Care As An Activist

Podcast available on : Tanya on Social Justice, Being truthful and Self-care as an activist In this episode, I sit down with multifaceted artist and social justice activist Tanya. Her work most importantly centres on self-care as a political act and the importance of sisterhood in regards to healing. As the discussion goes on, we discussed her involvement against racism and sexism, how it deeply connects with her spirituality, how reading and studying hard enabled her to deepen her level of consciousness and consequently protected her integrity. Tanya’s spiritual journey, her advice to deal with microaggressions, the tools she used to stay grounded and take care of herself, what activism is really about to her and so much more. Stay […]

Audrey on being a Child of the Diaspora, Dealing with Prejudice & Building her pla

Podcast available on : Audrey on being a Child of the Diaspora, Dealing with Prejudice & Building her platform Djénéba sits down with Audrey Bee, a content creator, youtuber and traveler inspiring Africans to look at their respective countries with a new lens, and encouraging others to enlarge their narratives about her country. In this episode, you’ll find out aboutThe importance of her relationship with her country of originHer experience travelling back home to her country and making the most of itVolunteering abroad as a humbling cultural experienceThe prejudice Audrey’s faced as a Congolese growing up in Great-BritainHow Audrey’s overcome those challenges and healedAudrey’s advice for those dealing with prejudiceGetting started, being creative and building a platformThe importance of valuing […]

Books, Words and Ideas – On the Feminism of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

EVENT iNFORMATION   Books, Words and Ideas  On the Feminism of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I am pleased to invite you December, 1st to our Books, Words and Ideas meeting. We will gather around two small books in an intimate and friendly atmosphere in Geneva at the Librairie de l’île. We will have the opportunity to exchange on the books of Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We should all be feminists and Dear Ijeawele or A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions with special guests. These are two small books which can be a great source of personal reflections. Program Introduction and presentations With socially committed artist Ariane Mawaffo Sharing and discussions Personal reflections and meditative moment General evaluation Grab your copies, […]