Cynthia’s journey building her passion project: her creative brand

Cynthia’s journey building her passion project : her creative brand Are you considering starting your passion project? Do you think that you don’t have the time, the resources, the skills or the motivation necessary to manifest your aspirations? Creatives and artists have a general tendency to ponder and wait until things get perfect, until they are completely ready and comfortable, to start investing in their craft. Yet, most of the time the only thing that urgently needs to be done, first and foremost, is to start. Perfectionism and fear can be the biggest dream killers. What’s more lessons and skills will be learnt and mastered along the journey. Being on purpose does not mean being perfect or popular at what […]

Deux voix, définition de soi, définition de voile

Deux voix, définition de soi, définition de voile J’ai recueilli les propos de deux jeunes femmes qui ont bien voulu partager avec moi une partie de leurs histoires. Ensemble, nous avons choisi de remanier ces mots, en utilisant une langue concise pour mieux faire entendre leurs voix. La voix de Mariam // Septembre 2018 – Montréal – Canada Quelle est ton histoire Mariam ? Réflexions complexes et diverses Convictions éthiques et religieuses Reconnexion spirituelle et culturelle. Beauté et reconstruction de soi Définition du monde et amour de soi Amour de l’autre et morale.   Quelle est ta voix Mariam ? Je suis voix, choix et foi Artiste. Je suis plurielle, passionnée et engagée Politologue. Je suis créative, activiste Et profondément Féministe.   […]

Le parcours de la photographe Ashley Moponda

Le parcours de la photographe Ashley Moponda Ou comment faire face à une période de transition tout en découvrant sa passion Les périodes de changement ou de réajustement sont intenses, fortes en questionnement, souvent synonyme d’instabilité ou même de déprime.  Elles peuvent durer plus ou moins longtemps, en réalité, elle dure aussi longtemps que l’on en a besoin afin de passer à l’étape supérieur dans nos vies. Elles émanent d’un besoin de changement profond. Lorsque tout s’effondre, il faut inévitablement tout reconstruire un par un. On ne sait jamais où, quand, ni comment ces épreuves peuvent frappés. On peut toutefois tenter de se préparer mentalement en prenant continuellement soin de notre mode de vie. Lorsqu’on passe par ces épreuves il […]

Conversation with Melba Sandi

Conversation with Melba Sandi   Multi-Faceted Creative & Blogger I recently had the pleasure to interview Melba Sandi a gifted Tanzanian creative! Her personal journey to creativity inspired me in many ways to start and being more consistent in regards to my own creative journey and I hope her words will have the same impact on your path. Her journey to creativity has been nothing less than a great journey to self-discovery and of self-confidence. Her creative work is not only something she takes pride in it is in accordance with herself. It is only when she decided to really get to know herself and her needs that she subsequently lived more authentically, started being more consistent and that great opportunities […]

Conversation with Pamela Ohene-Nyako

Conversation with Pamela Ohene-Nyako Historian in becoming, Communicator, Activist, Multifaceted artist, Founder of Afrolitt’ Some women scream inspiration, motivation and admiration. So when you find out what their history is, where they actually come from, the steps they took to arrive where they are, it relieves you. It makes you ponder about the tools necessary for you to truly make manifest the best of yourself. Pamela is that type of woman. Pamela is of Swiss and Ghanaian background. In Switzerland, she created the new, yet already successful literary group regarding literature from Africa and its diaspora called Afrolitt’. It is one of a kind in the region as it questions how stories featured in Black fiction can relate to oneself, one’s […]

Conversation with Kierra Yvonne Fields

Conversation with Kierra Yvonne Fields Poet, Writer, Photographer, Artist, Traveler Kierra is an empowering personality whose journey and words are beyond inspiring. Kierra is an African-American who has a very special relationship with Africa. She recently published a poetry collection, Roots & Tides, which details her initial travels through Africa. This work demonstrates the importance of knowing oneself. A genuine awareness of our identity definitely matters for self-development and self-realization. I am impressed by her healing process, her consistency and her sincerity in bringing out the jewels of her being. Her passion for writing and travelling and her fascinating creative work which bring out those two paradigms together are particularly powerful. It is exactly what Sebenni ni Taama stands for, writing and travelling as […]

Conversation with Vanessa Anta Keita

Conversation with Vanessa Anta Keita Creative, Mama, Writer-in becoming Vanessa truly has a unique, powerful and empowering personality. She is the type of woman who will not only make you laugh out loud with her hilarious sense of humour, eases you with her naturally peaceful behaviour and encourage you throughout her incredible words. Her creative work, her philosophy, her positive way of life, the way she  works for the advancement of herself and her people is something I found to be intriguing and admiring too. However, what strikes me the most about Vanessa was her natural sense of self and her confidence especially in our day and age where insecurities and self-hate have become a commodity. We talked about confidence, her […]

Conversation with Haneek.s

Conversation with Haneek.s Highly talented illustrator widening representation of African women Haneek’s work is not only extremely gorgeous it is also meaningful and purposeful. The power of her illustrations goes beyond its aesthetics.Images are a conveyor of power, they influence perceptions, including self-perceptions. In this sense, her art is inspiring for it creates space for women who are too often under or misrepresented in illustrations and challenges the notion of beauty. Her creative work is stunning, what strikes me most is the softness and natural beauty of the faces she portrays. I find her art empowering as it diversifies the way African women and men are portrayed in our culture and magnifies their beauty. I also believe that her work carve space in […]

Tumtitu’s journey living the career path that is wonderfully hers as a Visual Artist

Tumtitu’s journey living the career path that is wonderfully hers as a Visual Artist Are you considering an unconventional career path or a career path that is perceived as too competitional, too hard and with fewer work opportunities? Or maybe you are considering a studying road that is seen as a lesser road? For instance, going to a professional school rather than university or not getting a master’s degree. Are you thinking about taking the risks despite your doubts? If so, here is an insight into Tumtitu’s thought-provoking journey choosing the career path that is truly, fearlessly, wonderfully hers as a visual artist. Her words are filled with interesting perspectives that may resonate with you as well as makes you […]

Olivia’s inspirational journey: Studying abroad in Montreal

Olivia’s inspirational journey: Studying abroad in Montreal Are you considering studying abroad? Are you thinking about how this experience could benefit you personally? Here is an insight into Olivia’s personal journey studying abroad from France to Canada filled with interesting perspectives, thoughtful considerations and sound advice. Take care and let yourself be inspired! An introduction:  Olivia The Free-Spirit My name is Olivia. I’m 26 years old. I was born in Paris and raised in a small city in France. Right now I am a student in Montréal. I am a lover of life, people and food. I also love art in all its form: poetry, writing, drawing, photography, music and I try to live creatively every single day and listen to […]