Why I blog?

Why I blog? What do you regularly do to, elevate your mind, challenge yourself, be creative, get out of this bubble you are evolving in? I blog. I blog because it has become a necessity.Some people need to shop, others to party, others to dedicate themselves to their work to experiment this satisfying feeling of excitement meaning they are right here, living, breathing. I need to blog, because of my love for writing, visual storytelling and traveling. I need to blog to know that I am alive and kicking, that I am not merely existing, letting life live through me, but living life fully, joy-fully, meaning-fully contributing to a project which deeply resonates with me. Expressing my creativity I need […]

How to start writing for your wellness? A week challenge: 7 days – 7 lists

How to start writing for your wellness? A week challenge: 7 days – 7 lists   Sebenni ni Taama means writing and travelling and is all about providing you relevant tools for your self-growth. In that regards, writing is a powerful one. It is a tool that has helped me tremendously to ponder my experience in this world, to think about my character and has enabled me to deepen my spiritual and personal development journey. To write is to be audacious, it is to dare to start and act, act on yourself, on your environment and on your ideas.  To write is to dare to explore your potential. To write is to take a step closer to knowing yourself which in turn […]

My seven rules on how to gain awareness and self-confidence

My seven rules on how to gain awareness and self-confidence                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Article by Clarisse Encontre Inside the […]

When was the last time you did something you were afraid of?

When was the last time you did something you were afraid of? When was the last time you challenged yourself? Challenging ourselves as difficult as it gets can be a tremendous opportunity. Fear, should not hold us back when it comes to doing things we have no doubt would make us smarter, wiser and greater in spirit. Fear is an indicator. Sometimes it shows us what we should not do. Often it shows us exactly what we should do. One of the things that sadden me most is seeing individuals with tremendous potential who do not take concrete steps closer to their aspirations. I have observed throughout the years that this inaction often comes from fear. Fear not to be good enough, […]

What Rebirth Is

What Rebirth Is According to the Oxford Dictionary, rebirth is: 1/ a period of new life, growth or activity 2/ ​a spiritual change when a person’s faith becomes stronger or they experience a spiritual shift Here is a journal prompt: How do you understand this word? What does it entail to you? Have you ever experienced a rebirth? From personal experience rebirth is re-learning self, comprehending yourself on a deeper level. A level of understanding that leads to a shift in the way you perceive your persona. What does your personal experience tell you? You never force your way into a re-birth. You re-learn self in due time, when an overload of predicaments leaves you no other choice but to […]

How to manage your time wisely

How to manage your time wisely? Managing your time wisely essentially means being conscious of the energy you get. To me, it makes no doubt that time-management skills start within. Managing your time wisely is not about doing work or doing something all the time. It means getting to know yourself enough to understand, when, how, where, you will give the best of yourself and most importantly why. It means being mindful. Developing the different parts of your personality is key to living a balanced life. I am convinced that to be truly accomplished you need to respect and give space to do the things that bring you joy and that are in accordance with your vision. It is a great thing to go […]

Mis-Education : questionnements et reconstruction

Mis-Education : questionnements et reconstruction Mis-education, ce mot anglais, fait référence à une éducation lacunaire, pouvant nuire. Selon moi, il est avant tout question d’une perspective tellement naturelle et normale qu’elle a été internalisée. Une philosophie, qui bien que bénéfique pour certains, se révèle dévastatrice pour nous même car contraire à notre authenticité. Mon usage du mot mis-education est inspiré de deux œuvres m’ayant fortement influencées.  Un livre et un album qui m’ont encouragé à déconstruire des systèmes de pensée et des manières d’être. Puis, de reconstruire d’autres modèles davantage viables car en accord avec ma personnalité. Les études, le travail les différents types d’intelligence, le rôle des femmes dans nos cultures, la multi-potentialité, la confiance en soi, la créativité, […]

Your money or your life? : On burn outs

Your money or your life? : on Burn outs How can you make time for self-care when you have one, two or three demanding jobs? How can you make time for self-care when you need to work substantially to eat and pay the bills? How can you make time for self-care when you are struggling by yourself with no parent or partner to take care of you? Is self-care a privilege for people who have loads of money or people with no obligations? Absolutely not. I am convinced that money does not have to be a nightmare. There is no need to prioritizes it over your own well-being. In our society, because everyone is moving so fast, we are encouraged to […]

Fatherless daughters: a social and self-love issue

Fatherless daughters: a social and self-love issue Distancing yourself emotionally and putting self-care at the centre of your philosophy. Understanding that even though the situation will always affect you, it does not have to hurt you can be ways to heal as fatherless daughters. Being a fatherless daughter is too often rationalised. It is not enough considered as a social issue.  The lack of acknowledgement is an obstacle regarding the healing process of those daughters. There need to be more mechanisms, social projects, digital resources, mentoring projects regarding this issue. To this day those are unattainable to many  fatherless daughters. Being fatherless makes you more vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Fatherlessness can impact daughters differently depending on its nature, on the daughter […]

25 things I have no doubt about: Lessons learned

25 things I have no doubt about: Lessons learned I just turned 25 and I am more than excited about this new age, this new stage of my life. I have never been so comfortable in my own skin, ageing has been quite comforting so far. Birthdays are a great opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. So, I have been in a reflective mode and here are some of the 25 things I have been thinking about lately, those are things that resonate with me and that are rooted in my personal experience. Those are lessons learned, a list to go back to whenever needed, a reminder, a kind of personal statement. I encourage anyone to try and start such a […]