Deux voix, définition de soi, définition de voile

Deux voix, définition de soi, définition de voile J’ai recueilli les propos de deux jeunes femmes qui ont bien voulu partager avec moi une partie de leurs histoires. Ensemble, nous avons choisi de remanier ces mots, en utilisant une langue concise pour mieux faire entendre leurs voix. La voix de Mariam // Septembre 2018 – Montréal – Canada Quelle est ton histoire Mariam ? Réflexions complexes et diverses Convictions éthiques et religieuses Reconnexion spirituelle et culturelle. Beauté et reconstruction de soi Définition du monde et amour de soi Amour de l’autre et morale.   Quelle est ta voix Mariam ? Je suis voix, choix et foi Artiste. Je suis plurielle, passionnée et engagée Politologue. Je suis créative, activiste Et profondément Féministe.   […]

Pulchérie sur sa mission en tant qu’écrivaine et la place des enjeux identitaires dans son oeuvre

Podcast available on : Pulchérie sur sa mission en tant qu’écrivaine et la place des enjeux identitaires au sein de son oeuvre Dans cet épisode, je discute avec Pulchérie Feupo, jeune écrivaine et éducatrice sociale camerounaise vivant en  Suisse travaillant au sein de la fédération vaudoise de coopération. Ellecvient de publier son premier roman, L’Âme meurtrie d’Anouck. À travers son oeuvre, elle accorde un intérêt particulier aux enjeux identitaires et relationnels pour les membres de cette génération qui évolues entre deux cultures. Elle accomplit cette mission en insistant sur l’importance de l’histoire, en explorant le parcours de trois générations. À travers notre discussion nous aborderons différents thèmes:⦁ Son parcours en tant qu’auteure de l’écriture à la publication⦁ Les thèmes privilégiés au […]

Le parcours de la photographe Ashley Moponda

Le parcours de la photographe Ashley Moponda Ou comment faire face à une période de transition tout en découvrant sa passion Les périodes de changement ou de réajustement sont intenses, fortes en questionnement, souvent synonyme d’instabilité ou même de déprime.  Elles peuvent durer plus ou moins longtemps, en réalité, elle dure aussi longtemps que l’on en a besoin afin de passer à l’étape supérieur dans nos vies. Elles émanent d’un besoin de changement profond. Lorsque tout s’effondre, il faut inévitablement tout reconstruire un par un. On ne sait jamais où, quand, ni comment ces épreuves peuvent frappés. On peut toutefois tenter de se préparer mentalement en prenant continuellement soin de notre mode de vie. Lorsqu’on passe par ces épreuves il […]

South India: on magic, growth and prejudice

South India: on magic, growth and prejudice A deep attachment and love for India I went as a volunteer, volunteering is a great way to get in touch with another culture. It has been a  cultural journey. I did not know a thing about India before having the opportunity to travel over there. I fell in love with this country, its culture, food, history and people. The Hindu festivals, the marvellous religious and cultural mix. The music which is omnipresent, the liveliness, the beauty and diversity of the many places I discovered, the kindness and the hospitality of my colleagues and friends. To me, India is this huge subcontinent, filled with a diversity of people, culture, ancestral practices, characterized by a […]

Why you should travel solo!

Why you should travel solo! Recently, I had the guts to travel completely by myself for a week for a holiday without the intent to meet with a friend, nor without a cultural and educational structure or volunteering association. Just me myself and I. I am always thought to be independent but for some reason, the idea of it paralysed me. Why would someone go on the other side of the world without anyone to share? Why would someone choose on purpose to be alone especially abroad when you are supposed to enjoy yourself the most? I guess I quickly realised that if you decide to wait for people to do what you aspire to do, what your heart is […]

İstanbul çok güzel! / Istanbul is mesmerizing!

İstanbul is mesmerizing! There are some cities where you simply feel safe, feel well, places you feel a warming sensation every time you are coming back. Istanbul has a unique type of energy that naturally elevates my mind, my mood and triggers creativity. Travelling regularly to a place you appreciate that much and that conveys such great energies is in the end all about practising self-care.  Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the city bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. Its multiple cultural identities are embedded in its identity which largely contributes to my fascination with the city. The Greeks, the Italians, the Jewish, the Kurdish or the Armenians these communities have lived for centuries in Istanbul […]

A Book Many Lessons: A work from Ahmadou Kourouma

A work from Ahmadou Kourouma Ahmadou Kourouma is an Ivorian writer and political activist. Quand on refuse on dit non (When We Refuse We Say No) is the first book I have read from him and it will not be my last. This book is truly influential, throughout conveying part of the history of Ivory Coast and its people, it forced me to consider key questions in regards to history. What is really history? How history is shaped? What should I consider as history and why learning my ancestor’s history is fundamental on a personal level? The book touches on many things but what most certainly caught my attention is the idea that our sense of identity can be fragmented and […]

A Book Many Lessons: A Work From Fatou Diome

A Book Many Lessons: A Work From Fatou Diome     This book is one of the best things I have read in a long time. Fatou Diome is a Senegalese-French writer, “Le Ventre de l’Atlantique” (translated as “The Belly of the Atlantic”) is her first novel where she explores with humility and humour, the story of a bold Senegalese- French writer navigating throughout her own identity challenges as an African- European and her  relationship with her brother still in Senegal  but dreaming of coming to France. The story resonated with me in so many instances and concretely help me deepen my journey to self-acceptance. This book enabled me to understands the importance of reading content that matches your reality, […]

Your money or your life? : On burn outs

Your money or your life? : on Burn outs How can you make time for self-care when you have one, two or three demanding jobs? How can you make time for self-care when you need to work substantially to eat and pay the bills? How can you make time for self-care when you are struggling by yourself with no parent or partner to take care of you? Is self-care a privilege for people who have loads of money or people with no obligations? Absolutely not. I am convinced that money does not have to be a nightmare. There is no need to prioritizes it over your own well-being. In our society, because everyone is moving so fast, we are encouraged to […]

Fatherless daughters: a social and self-love issue

Fatherless daughters: a social and self-love issue My father did not take care of me while growing up. Finally seeing him after more than ten years for the first time as an adult trying to implement a healthy daughter-father relationship something I dreamed of, reinforced the deep feeling of abandonment I thought it would silence.  Then, I have decided to distance myself from him, from the situation. When I have decided to put self-care at the centre of my philosophy I healed. This situation will always affect me but I am not hurt by it anymore. Moreover, I don’t consider myself a victim, I consider myself more than anything else as privileged to have been brought up with people who cared, to have […]