Conversation with Melba Sandi

Conversation with Melba Sandi   Multi-Faceted Creative & Blogger I recently had the pleasure to interview Melba Sandi a gifted Tanzanian creative! Her personal journey to creativity inspired me in many ways to start and being more consistent in regards to my own creative journey and I hope her words will have the same impact on your path. Her journey to creativity has been nothing less than a great journey to self-discovery and of self-confidence. Her creative work is not only something she takes pride in it is in accordance with herself. It is only when she decided to really get to know herself and her needs that she subsequently lived more authentically, started being more consistent and that great opportunities […]

25 things I have no doubt about: Lessons learned

25 things I have no doubt about: Lessons learned I just turned 25 and I am more than excited about this new age, this new stage of my life. I have never been so comfortable in my own skin, ageing has been quite comforting so far. Birthdays are a great opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. So, I have been in a reflective mode and here are some of the 25 things I have been thinking about lately, those are things that resonate with me and that are rooted in my personal experience. Those are lessons learned, a list to go back to whenever needed, a reminder, a kind of personal statement. I encourage anyone to try and start such a […]